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Update-sad news I’m afraid

On Wednesday I started to pass some tissue, but hoped it was only The pessaries irritating the cervix.

Today’s scan revealed a partial molar pregnancy, have to go into hospital on Tuesday for further investigation.

I don’t really think it’s sunk in yet, but definitely feeling sorry for myself. This is my 4th loss since my youngest son Blake. 😢 literally had all kinds of losses now.

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Ah bless you, I'm so sorry to read your going through this. Beyond cruel & unfair. Sending hugs xx

I'm so sorry. Sending love and hugs xxx

I'm so sorry just sending love and hoping you have lots of love around you x

I’m so sorry. Hopefully recurrent miscarriage testing will reveal some answers for you- surely it can’t just be bad luck. ☹️

I wish I could say something that would help. I'm sorry and hope you get some answers. Take care.

So sorry to read this. Big hugs xx

Sorry to be reading this.. sending love and strength your way x

I’m so sorry to read this. Sending you big hugs 💕 xx

I’m sorry for your loss. Sx

I’m so so sorry for your loss/es. 😢Hope you get an answer for your losses xoxo

Oh no Queenkelz, I am so so sorry to read this. Sending you big hugs xx

Oh I’m so sorry xx

Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear this. Much love x

So so sorry for your loss and all your losses as to bet you can’t help but think about them all at this time. Hopefully this is you done for losses now as you said you’ve had them all now so hopefully the probability for more is tiny 😢

Very sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xx

So so sorry to hear this. It's heart breaking


I'm so so sorry to hear this. Life is so bloody cruel and unfair.. sending you all my love xxxxxx

That’s very sad I’m sorry to read this. Hope your looking after yourself and you have others to do that too xx

very sorry about what you are going through. Hoping investigations get to the root cause. lots of love xxx

Awww Im so sorry to hear that you're having to go through this honey, this is so cruel. Hopefully you get lots of support from your follow up. Huge hugs.xx

I’m so sorry xx

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