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Clocks going back and medication


Hello all,

Am having a mild freak out about the clocks going back and taking medication on time especially Neoparin injections which have to be taken at the same time every day. My OH is working out how I can do this in increment times can I ask what everyone else is doing or am I being completely OTT with this! All the best to you and thank you xxx

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Omg I hadn't even thought about that! Eeek. When I went to Spain I just changed to the time there which was the time here. So that would work out at 9am instead of 8am and pm then on Sunday? And my progynova 9am, 3pm and 9pm. I plan to move 15 minutes each time. So 8.45am, 2.30pm then 8.15pm, then back to normal on monday. Just made the plan at your prompt. Thanks so much x

Abaco in reply to Camillage

No probs! yes am going to do something similar so I can get back on track within a few days. Hope all is okay with you and ty for replying xxx

Camillage in reply to Abaco

Thank you for the reminder x

Thanks so much for the reminder x

I would just stick with original times...dont change for this cycle. So if inj due at 12md take it at 11am. Ignore the change.

Abaco in reply to Elynn

Thank you for your reply, my injections will start tomorrow so I will be okay by then might just leave the pessaries as they are, our doctor didn't seem concerned at all with it xxx

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