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Traveling to U.K


Hi there

Im living in Sweden and I had 2 failed ivf rounds here!I need to have some tests such as NK cells or blood cloth... before my third cycle but they dont do it in Sweden! Is there any possibilty that I travel to England for having these tests done! Do they accept it without doing my ivf there?! Which clinics do u reccomend?!( London or Manchester nearby, both r ok) Please help me if u have any information! Im just devastated here!

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Take a look on the hfea Uk website to look up clinics then give them a ring to see what they offer.

Thank u Lizzie

I will do it for sure! Hope I can find the good one.

You’re probably looking for Chicago tests level 1 and 2 if you want EVERYTHING possible. These tests cost me £3000 but not in London or Manchester, sorry.

Lots of clinics here do it. If you Google nk testing UK. I am sure they will accept you for that. Also clinics in Greece I have heard. Good luck xxx

Paris1771 in reply to Camillage

Thank u Camillage

I gonna call few of them today and hope I can book a time for next month! Good luck and best in the world to your way too! Xxxx

Ive had the 2 biopsies at Coventry for utrine natural killer cells and had the result of my 2nd biopsy and follow up telephone consultation with Professor Quenby a week or so ago. The 2 biopsies cost me £540 and need to be done 7 - 10 days after you ovulate. You dont have to be a parient there and you dont need a referral. As I understand it the money goes towards ongoing research. If you would like any more info please feel free to pm me, but Kerrie, the medical secretary at Coventry is very helpful and will provide you will all the info you need xx

Paris1771 in reply to AnnieAnnie

Hi dear Annie

Thank u so much for the info! Actually another user told me about prof Quenby as well! I tried to call them today but couldnt reach and they were busy. So I must wait untill monday😔.

It is good that u could check your NK level! I think at least it’s worth that man know about the situation which is so confusing for at the moment!

The price that u paid is not bad! Im glad to hear that I can afford it! Coz I must pay for the travel too!

Thank u so mich for your kindness! Maybe I need some help in the future and will contact u again. I do apprecciate it! Hope u a great success on your tough way! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘

AnnieAnnie in reply to Paris1771

You are welcome! Just a heads up they are better at responding to emails. I will pm you with it. Good luck and hope all goes well xx

Paris1771 in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thank u so much. Xxxxx

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