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EC on Wednesday - All to be Frozen


Hi All,

So aside from feeling like free willy I’m trying to focus on the positives. I have lots of folicles and many are 15-19mm. My EG is scheduled for Wednesday and I’ve just taken my last ovitrelle injection!

When I was at the scan today the doc said that I’m extremely likely going to get OHSS as I have around 40 folicles. This also means they won’t do a fresh transfer. Does anyone know why? I’m assuming is due to my health rather than they can’t physically do it? I’m absolutely gutted as I might have to wait 2 weeks for the ET. Plus they’ve told me that I’ll have to be monitored extremely closely and the chances of an overnight stay in hospital are very high.

Getting very freaked out about the post EG now and the pain from the OHSS. It never rains but it pours eh!? 😣

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Wow 40 folicles is a lot! I’d say you’re doing the right thing in trying to stay positive and focusing on the fact you will have a lot of eggs when collection day comes.

I was told that if a transfer is successful it can increase the OHSS or mean that it lasts for longer (because of all the hormones your body releases during pregnancy) so I think if they decide not to do the transfer it will be for your health and probably to give you the best fighting chance of a successful pregnancy when you do have a transfer.

I suffered with OHSS post egg collection but nothing severe enough to be hospitalised. It’s not pleasant, but it helped me to think that this too will pass. Give yourself and your body time to heal.

I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for you that things go smoothly on Wednesday and you don’t suffer at all or too badly with OHSS. Xx

40 is a massive amount! I know it’s disheartening, being told you have to wait even long but it is for the best. You want your embryo to be put back in the healthiest environment possible so giving your body time to heal is the best thing. I had 25 collected back in August and I got OHSS. I wasn’t hospitalised but my stomach was so sooo swollen and uncomfortable there was no way I could have taken any more discomfort so to wait was 100% the right thing.

Wishing you lots of luck xx

Wow 40 is a massive number! 🤗 good work. I’ve no experience with OHSS but I have heard that FET’s can be more successful because they give the body time to recover from EC. Good luck with it all, hope EC isn’t too painful for you and you recover quickly. Keep us posted! Xx

Hi. I had to do a freeze all this time to

Was quite shocked as it was my fourth fresh cycle and had never happened before I had 20 follicles so they said I was to high of a risk for ohss

At this stage they told me I had to wait at least another cycle to try again , but I decided to put it back another month and go on holiday

And when I came back we started with a natural fet cycle but I had ovulated and they couldn’t pinpoint what day.So we changed to a medicated cycle every time I went to the clinic I was worried I was going to be told something bad again but eventually I got to transfer

Everything was going wrong for me but I put it down to being a sign that the time wasn’t right and now I’m pregnant so all worked out in the end xx

OHSS can be life threatening and pregnancy makes it worse so they won’t do an embryo transfer if you have it badly. If they do freeze your embryos then you’ll probably have to wait more than two weeks to have your transfer. However there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that having a frozen transfer gives a greater chance of success as you body is in better condition to start and support a pregnancy.

Good luck xx

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