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Increased Libido!

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It was found after my first ivf with nil eggs fertilised a couple of months ago that I have poor quality eggs, so I started taking 75mg dhea, vit D, omega 3 and folic acid daily. After about less than a month taking it, my Libido has shot up massively! It's great but so bizarre. Anyone else had this? If it's having such a positive effect on my Libido, I'm desperately hoping it's already improving my egg quality, although I know they say this takes at least 3 months. Next ivf is next cycle which will be about 2.5/3 mo ths since started taking supplements. X

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Well that's a good side effect. I really hope too that it is a sign of other things working too xx

Not a bad side effect at all! Hoping it will have a positive effect for your next cycle xx

Yep I had that! I loved it! Also found myself being a bit more assertive and direct than I usually am, which was pretty funny. I just keep catching myself doing it and clocking it. For me those side effects only lasted for the first month, then they dwindled. Enjoy! X

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Haha, oh no, my husband will be disappointed! X

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