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You’re not old


Been feeling very down lately because my 36th birthday is approaching, and also because this month marks 6 years since DH and I first started trying. Since that time, we’ve achieved so much in the rest of our lives: we’ve moved country once, I’ve moved jobs three times, our careers have really taken off, we bought a house last year. All wonderful stuff. It’s odd when I think of how much progress we’ve made in every other way except having a child!

Last night I was moping about my age and regretting that I hadn’t started trying earlier. DH was very sweet. ‘You’re not old. That’s not our problem. All of your test results have been great for your age. And what would you have done had you gotten married and had a kid at 21 with one of those cabbages you used to date? This is our time for having a baby and we will have one. Don’t worry.’

Sometimes he really does manage to say the right thing😀

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Aww what a sweetie 🙂

Yes in complete agreement you are definitely not too old!

I’m the same age so if you are old so am I 🙈

It took us over 7 years & few surgeries to treat my endometriosis but I am now 8 weeks pregnant. It can happen!!!

Love your hubbys positivity, it helps when our partners are so positive ( I wasn’t so good at it) & you will have your baby 😍you can do this. Keep going & believing 🙂 xoxo

Boobaby in reply to Hidden

Congrates Jess!!

Hidden in reply to Boobaby

Thank you. 😘 xoxo

Love your husband's response!! 💓

That is such a lovely response from your OH xx

What a great guy. Definitely a keeper! 😁

P.s. I love that "cabbages" he he x

Awww bless him, what a sweetheart! We're quite similar to you... Im 35 and ttc for 6 years... I am slowly learning not to beat myself up for not starting earlier so I understand what you mean but realising we have actually given it plenty of time, there's women who fall naturally pregnant mid 40s.

Sounds like you've both made amazing achievements, well done 😊 xxx

Wow this was like reading about my own life!

Same age, nearly same amount of time TTC, taken off career/job/house/etc wise......but still no baba in our arms 😔

We’ll all get there...keep hopeful and stay strong xxx

That's so so lovely! And just to back him up, you're not old!! Xx

Your husband sounds amazing! That’s another blessing to count in your life! (I’ve never been great at picking sensitive and thoughtful guys and I promise you life is sooo much harder and depressing without such support!) I’m in my 40s now and have loads of regrets, so trust me ..... 36 seems positively young by comparison!!! You are lucky on everything else being right in your life too!! You’re still at a great age for children! Have faith that things can change ..... you’re certainly due some luck now ..... wishing it would happen for you soon! Xxx

What a lovely husband. And he is right, you are not old at all. I am nearly 39 now and been trying for 6 years too. Extremely low AMH. So everyone’s journey is different. You have achieved so much in your life plus a lovely husband. We will find a way out no matter what, just need to hang of luck for you. Keep fighting.

Your husband sounds ace, and you're really not old! Best of luck, enjoy what you have and yes, now is the time! X

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