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Day from hell and cant stop crying 😥


Sorry i need some support as I'm on my own and my partner is out. Went to my scan this morning 5 days of stims and only had 3 follicles one 7, one 10 and one 13. Then gets an email from private medical company to say none of my scans are covered even one that was not related to ivf and was just to check up on a polyp. Kinda expected them to say no anyway i suppose. The phones rang none stop in work today so got zero work done. Then i rush home to check up on my 13 year old who hasnt been well, who has managed to lose his temper on his game and has put a hole in his bedroom wall which now needs repairing. So ive confiscated his games and I'm sat here a right mess whilst hes gone out with his useless father who pays zero child support. I know most of its hormonal but I'm beginning to think my 3rd cycle is again a complete waste of time and money. Sorry to rant feeling sorry for myself and at the end of my teather! x

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Sounds like you have a lot going on bless you. So hard when doing ivf on your own as well.

It’s only early days with your follicles so don’t give up yet. I know it’s hard as it feels like a constant battle with your body.

Sounds difficult with your son but I’m sure it’s all very normal behaviour. Just sadly bad timing with your ivf.

Hope you have family or friends close by to support you as well.

We’re all here on to help as well xxxx look after yourself and try and stay positive xx

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Thanks Missy. Hope you're ok lovely x

Hi, gosh what an awful day, and I thought I was having a bad day.

I am only on my first round of IVF (sadly just started bleeding today before test day) but my good news bit of my story was on my 5 day scan I only had about 6 follicles they could see and all really small. 8 days later they had grown really big and they 'discovered' another 10 that had been hiding! My EC was brought forward it happened so quickly.

So don't give up hope yet. Anything can change over night and one scan you see nothing and another person doing exactly the same thing can so often find something completely different

Dont give up hope yet. deep breaths and focus on the fact tomorrow is another day x

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Thankyou. Good luck for your cycle hun xx

Oh no😥. Poor you, there's so much going on, no wonder you're upset.

Don't worry about your follicles there is still time. The nurses could only see 2 follicles on my first scan but things improved slowly.

You've every right yo feel sorry for yourself, we all feel like this at times.

Don't give up yet and don't write yourself off. You have every chance.. xxx

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Thanks genten 😘


Thanks ladies i feel a bit better now. I went out and brushed up all the leaves from my front garden. Then covered the hole with a picture so i dont have to look at it! OH has come home had a good cry to him and he's made me a cuppa. We've also confiscated the play station! My sons just hit his teens eek. No one knows im having another round of ivf as ive not told anyone this time. Couldnt face it. I have another scan in 2 days time. Hoping for better news. Love you all X

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Oh that's good, things sound calmer now! And could turn down a nice cuppa 👌.

Praying for your next scan, that you see more follicles. Xxx

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