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Spotting/red bleeding....please advice


Hi all

I am on my 4th fresh cycle. Had a miscarriage back in March.

Started on pill and have been on gonal for 2 weeks and will start the second injection from tomorrow. I started brown spotting on Sunday, but only when I wiped. Then it stopped, it has started again today and it’s red. I don’t remember this happening before. Should I be concerned??

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Hi Justus1. You need to mention it to the clinic in case you have a bit of an infection that's causing it, or some sort of withdrawal bleed. Hope all soon settles down. Diane

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Thank you. I have emailed my clinic in Poland just waiting for them to reply. Thanks for coming back to me.

Hiya lovely

I had this all thoughtout pregnancy try not to worry! When it would then I started to worry xx

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I’m not pregnant. Just started on gonal,

so wondering if this will impact my follicles/eggs.

I have no advice on this I'm afraid except what Diane said (and you have already done) which is to speak with your clinic. Xx

Ya still waiting on my clinic to come back to me. It’s turned brown now, so I guess that means it’s hopefulky stopping soon

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