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Progynova question


Hi all

I have been told to take the Progynova morning. Evening and night. I was going to spread them out through the day, 7am, 2pm and 9pm. But that isn't really what I've been told. When have other people been taking it and is it okay to spread it out like I have? Thanks

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My clinic just told me to have at least two hours between doses as it’s too much for your body to absorb so much at once. So I had my tablets with my three meals which was not strict timing. As long as I had three spaced during the day it was fine. My fet worked. I recommend a pill box (like an old lady) as it’s surprisingly hard to remember how many you’ve taken in a day!

Aw Thankyou, so those times I'm chosen should be okay then? Yeah they will be difficult to remember, especially with being preoccupied with work etc, so I have set reminders on my phone!!

That’s why having them with meals helps- it’s harder to forget to eat in my life!


I spread them out roughly the same as you, 6am-2pm-10pm

What have they advised then? Hope all is okay xxx

Hope4usall in reply to Abaco

They advised morning, evening and night but to meal that's really vague. Yeah maybe if they are spread out throughout the day that will be enough x

I genuinely think it’s vague because the important thing is that it is a divided dose. It’s not like the progesterone pessaries where you’re trying to keep your levels up throughout the day, so you try to do three doses at eight hours apart.

I've been told to take mine around 8 hours apart so I do 6am-2pm-10pm (doesn't need to be with meal) but I have not been following to the dot. I have been +/-2 hours late and the nurse doesn't seem to be concerned. I think as long as you space them out you'll be fine

I had to evenly spread them out during the day for best absorption so your plan sounds fine!xx

Thankyou, I feel like I start to worry about every little detail!! I'm waiting for the final call on our embryos! I'm a little nervous x

That's what we're here for!! God I was so nervous for that update! I ended up having tears of joy on the beach!! Hope you get fabulous news!!🤞xxx

Me too. I'm worried I'm not going to be able to understand her accent again and miss the info!!

Ha ha ha I'm sure you'll be fine! Just ask her to repeat....I had to, was so shocked and couldn't believe it!!😂xx

I was told evenly throughout the day with 8 hours apart and with meals which was impossible to do. So I did 8am, 2pm, 8pm and everything was fine x

Thankyou, yeah I was just reading your posts. Is the advice to take with meals just to reduce the chance of sickness and not that is effects the drug's use? X

I don’t know to be honest but my lining was always fine. I did feel sick to begin with but it went away. You could always have a snack if you’ve already had your meals x


I've been told 8 3 and 11 xxx

I had to take them morning evening and night and I spread them out similar times to what you have said. I almost kept forgetting my night one so I moved it forward to have with my tea at 7. Good luck xx

Hey very strange but my clinic advised the choice is mine, I can take all 3 together then when it increases all 4 together or space them out however I like, not time slots just whenever.

The 1st time I started taking them all at once as I thought... great stuff don’t have to worry about taking them throughout the day, but I ended up with terrible side affects once I started taking all 4 at once. This time I’ve spaced them out to 8am, 1pm, 6,pm and 9pm. 🤷🏼‍♀️ looks like every clinic does things differently, I wonder why they all don’t say the same????

I have to take 5 a day and was told 3 in the morning and 2 at night?! So weird it’s all different!

I have been advised 2mg a time at 8am, 2pm and 8pm. Last time it was 2mg a time at 8am and 8pm. I think they like them to be spaced at regular intervals and at exactly the same time each day. Good luck xx

Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

Thankyou. I've started today and have done 7am and 3pm so far. Think I'll do about 10.30pm as I go to bed about that hope. Hopefully that will be okay. X

Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

Sounds like it will from the other responses. We must be close together for transfer. I started the progynova last Monday x

Camillage in reply to Camillage

Also, whilst I have been trying to drink more water I do find that I need even more. It is quite thirsty stuff! X

Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

Yeah it sounds like we're cycling close together! Are you using DE or own?

Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

DE from Spain. Round 3. This is the time.

How about you?


Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

1st cycle of DE in Spain also. 3 previous failed ivf.

Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

Definitely the chances are dramatically improved. Fingers and toes crossed for us both xxx

I take mine 6.30 ish, 2pm ish, 10pm ish. Dr said about 8 hours apart xx

I take mine all in one go as am rubbish at remembering. My clinic hasn't said how to take them and the decision was mine to make. X

My clinic said take whenever you want as long as you’re being consistent with timings. I took all mine together on an evening because I knew I was more likely to be able to do it at a consistent time and the clinic said that was fine. Their only comment was that some ladies feel sick after taking large doses at the same time so if so then spread out over the course of the day - I was fine taking all together though.

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