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Inappropriate call


Hi all, I’m writing this because a) I feel heartbroken, b) confused, c) angry, d) very anxious. All because I received a call from the clinic nurse on the day my ivf drug schedule arrived. This is my first cycle of ivf and we have been waiting such a long time to start due to issues with professionals not form filling etc. Anyway, so she calls and she’s, you have received your schedule, but I should let you know that your FSH level is at 28 and if you were fundinvbthe cycle yourself, we would suggest not to start and that the injection hormones will be really strong and unpleasant. What was a really happy day, was turned into one of the worst days. This call was received at work in the morning so I had to stay the rest of the day feeling awful. Had I been advised this in clinic with my partner and had the issues explained better, I may have handled it much better. As it is, I have googled the issue and become more heartbroken and feel really low on hope going into the process. I start down reg Wednesday. My husband and friends and family have been great, but I have had no more correspondence from the clinic.

I guess I’m here to rant and to see if anyone has had any luck in similar circumstances?

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Sorry to to hear of your upset. This is rather bad of the clinic in my opinion and I would give them a call and ask to speak with the most senior nurse.

I don't really understand why you've been told not to start.

If you have gotten this far with all tests etc. They shouldn't be calling you now with different advise.

I hope you can speak to someone and get everything clarified and that you can start your cycle. Xxx

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Hi, I second LizzieLizzieLizzie on this - go with it, start the drugs and the nurse really can't predict how you will feel on the meds. I felt so much better on my IVF cycle 4 years back because it switched off my endo pain. This time round I'm struggling a bit more but it shows that no IVF cycle is ever the same for one person and all people cope differently.

Also wholeheartedly agree with Lizzie that infertility is worse than actually going thru IVF.

And FSH can fluctuate quite a bit.

You probably will be given a max dose of meds now but you may well not feel the side effects. I was on high doses and didn't feel anything until after egg collection.

Best of luck to you. xx

I would start the drugs anyway and I would send a written complaint to the clinic about the way the news was passed to you, and how late they got your fsh results!

And regarding the hormones being strong and unpleasant, a lot of these nurses have never taken them so they don’t know how well you will cope with side effects. I maintain infertility is harder to deal with than ivf, and people react differently to the meds no matter what the dose. It’s only for a matter of weeks so you can do it x

I'm so sorry to hear this. Surely they would have known earlier if they anticipated any problems? Could you call them back and speak to a doctor so that they can explain in more details?

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There were no problems with my hormones the whole time and was put down to unexplained infertility, it’s only the very last blood test before I started that anything unusual has come up

Surely they would know ur egg count was low.. and surely the sooner u do it all, the better it is??

The attitude of the nurse isn’t very nice at all. If you didn’t meat the criteria with your initial results you wouldn’t have met the requirements for funded ivf. Your clinic must have a grievance procedure, I would put in a complaint xx

The light you can take from this is that u still have a shot, no pain no gain. We would move mountains to get there and it’s short term pain anyway xx

Besides - she doesn’t know how strong you are. Why tell u that x

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