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Back for 2nd time!


I’m so lucky as I have 1 beautiful daughter who is now 14.5 months (and is the sweetest most beautiful baby that ever was). Born through IVF she was a little frozen embie and I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

However, today, I’m starting another round of IVF in a hope for a second baby. Such a different feeling and my emotions are all over.

I had an IVF buddy last time, where we started on the same day as first timers, and it really helped me. I’d love to get a similar buddy or buddies even for this new round.

The emotions I have are a total mixed bag and I don’t know anyone who really understands like another woman going through the same thing.

Give us a shout if you fancy connecting.

Wishing everyone all the luck in the world xxx

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Welcome back! Here's hoping your journey is a quick one this time around xx

So nice to hear you have your little girl from a frozen cycle.

I hope this cycle brings you a positive. Good luck. Xx

Hey, I just wanted to say all the best with your cycle. I have a 2 year old (IVF) and 8 month old (frozen embryo) and totally understand what you mean about different emotions. I think already having me little boy gave me less time to think on the second cycle and it just sort of happened. It isn’t actually any easier and I felt guilt for wanting another, guilt for feeling rubbish when I needed to look after my little boy and then guilt for not thinking about the embryo enough. Basically it’s never ending!

I just hope you get the result you are looking for. I knew the moment I had my little girl that I would never ever do IVF again, the emotional and physical toll is huge and I feel immensely blessed. I truly wish everyone on here nothing but happiness and success xxx

Welcome back Dolly! So glad to hear that being a mama to baby one is all you hoped for and massive wishes for baby 2 to soon follow xx

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