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Post pregnancy test holiday


Hi all,

Embryo transfer today 🤞🏽🤞🏽

We have 1.5 weeks of holiday left to use before the end of the year, which we’ve kept for after our pregnancy test.

I don’t have a thyroid so need to be very careful if it’s positive, so we’re thinking somewhere in the uk with the dogs. Anyone recommend anywhere? We were thinking UAE at first but I don’t fancy getting the progesterone injection needles in/out!

If it’s negative, it’s abroad (every cloud hey?!) - we’ve avoided Zika virus for 3 years now and are quite serious about going to the Caribbean. Would you risk it? (Will find out later if we have anything worth freezing, but if we don’t, I’m inclined to just go)

Anyway, thanks for your help in this important decision!

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We went to Croatia for our holiday post 2ww in June. It was really beautiful and we had no issues with taking my progesterone injections (we were fortunate enough with a BFP).

UK wise- there are some beautiful cottages that you can rent in the Lake District or Pembrokeshire National Park is very beautiful too. Hopefully you will get a BFP but the progesterone injections make you super tired so maybe factor that in.

Zika-wise it depends on what your future plans are. If you are planning further treatment, then the clinic will want to delay it if you travel to a Zika area. I’m not sure when the rainy/windy season is for the Caribbean.

How about Hawaii? Or Canada- we’ve had amazing trips to both. Or even New Zealand? It is so pretty and peaceful.

Good luck! Fingers crossed for you xxx

Well good luck for transfer and positive test! We have had great holidays with our dog in Norfolk Yorkshire and Dorset but depends where you live Can hugely recommend Cephalonia if looking for peaceful hols but think you should go wherever your heart desires x


Hi Olivia80. Well, we're all obviously hoping for a positive test. Lovely beaches around Wales coast for the dogs. My neighbour has two dogs and regularly goes to Pembrokeshire, but that's handy from the Midlands. I'm sure something will crop up with a nice cottage to go with it. Enjoy and fingers crossed! Diane

If you like castles and national parks I'd recommend Snowdonia in North Wales. It's beautiful and there's loads you can do to keep your mind occupied as there are lots of outdoor activities x

If you haven’t been to the Lake District then I always think that feels like going to a different country! Lovely walks. Loads of dog friendly hotels and cottages. Take your waterproofs though!

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