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Anyone else with polycystic ovaries (not the syndrome) and secondary infertility?


Hi everyone

Just wondering if there is anyone out there in a similar position to me as this whole thing feels pretty isolating at times.

I’m 36 and my husband is 38. We were lucky enough to have a son naturally in 2015 after 9 months of trying but have had difficulty TTC a second child and I’ve since been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (but not the syndrome). All fine from my husband’s point of view. Five failed rounds of Clomid later we will now be starting IVF next month.

If anyone is in a similar position it would be great to hear from you and maybe we could be of support to each other through this crazy journey 😃


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I have pcos (the syndrome) so worse than yourself and just wanted to let you know that clomid didn’t work for me either :( but first round of IVF and I’m currently nearly 13 weeks pregnant ! Good luck & baby dust to u x

Star15 in reply to Loublou1985

Thanks for your reply and many congratulations on your pregnancy 😃 It’s lovely to hear success stories. Do you mind me asking which injections you had? Do you have any advice about the IVF process? X

Loublou1985 in reply to Star15

Thank you ! We still can’t believe it. But just wanted to let U know that it is possible. Oo I can’t remember the name the stimulant but I had cetrotide as the hcg release which u only use once before egg collection. I know they had to up my stims as my body wasn’t responding as well as they had expected but thankfully I didn’t get OHSS. :) I had 11 eggs retrieved & 5 fertilised but only 2 went to day 5 blastocyst. One made me pregnant and we have one in the freezer for a later date. My only advice is keep talking about to your partner as doing it all yourself will drive you insane. You will be very up and down but carry on and you will make it. Try and either go away for a bit in your 2ww or keep yourself busy as the waiting was tortur for me. Good luck! X

I have pco but not the syndrome. In theory you should still be able to conceive, so they tell me, but in our case we also have male factor infertility xx

Hi, I am the same with you I was diagnosed with pcos but not the syndrome in 2012. I was given 6 months of clomid and I conceived my son naturally in 2013. I have been ttc since the end of 2015 with no luck. I have had one round of IUI which didn't work. I was given another 6 months of clomid and it did nothing. We have had all the tests and checks done and there is nothing wrong. I had a failed round of ivf in July and only have one embryo frozen which I am having transfered in October. When you have conceived already naturally and there is nothing wrong it makes it all the more frustrating and you think my body should know what it's doing by now. Good luck to you and don't give up. X

No advice but as always wishing you the very best xoxo

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