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Smooth muscle antibodies and 2 copies of Homozygous

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I m going crazy...i have also tested positive for Smooth muscle antibodies and the reading is Titre 1:40...can please someone shed some light on this...also carrier of 2 copies of Homozygous of the MTHFR c. 1286a > C variant...anybody in the same situation of me this very serious issue..please help ladies with whatever info you have about these doc not gonna see me for 2 weeks and all these results are taking a toll on me 😭.

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I also have the mthfr gene mutation but the C667t homozygous type. I was getting myself in a right state about this reading everything I could on the net and thinking worse case scenarios. However, after seeing our immunologist I'm a lot more calmer about it, he didn't seem concerned at all about it and showed me evidence to back it up, the only thing I have changed is I take folinic acid with full spectrum vitamin B tablets instead of synthetic folic acid as apparently my body cannot absorb synthetic well. I avoid cereals with synthetic folic acid and eat lots of rich leafy green vegetables to boost my levels. If you are worried you can have your homocysteine levels checked by having a blood test but after being reassured by our immunologist I decided not to. I'm sorry I'm not sure about the smooth muscle antibodies. All the best to you xxx

Blueberryy in reply to Abaco

Thanks for replying Abaco...all this is getting two much after one happy to know its not a very big concern ..phew..however now am going bonkers over smooth muscle body...there is not much info out there and have never heard anyone having it..hoping to find some info....wish you all the luck Abaco xxx

Abaco in reply to Blueberryy

Thank you! wishing you all the very best too! You are absolutely right it is completely overwhelming, I've just been told I have low level allo-mlr antibodies and am really concerned about this, we should get results back from more alloimmune tests that we've had done this week and I'm dreading receiving them, nothing seems to be going our way at the moment. I hope you can find out more about the smooth muscle body, it's the lack of information out there and the fear that goes with it that sends us crazy!!! All the best to you xxx

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