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Paying for medication when having treatment abraod.

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update and a quick question...

My OH has been to Spain to give his sample ( bless him... he passed out and vomited after having blood test for CGT!) and now we are waiting for two more blood tests for me, Prolactin and TSH. I am having those taken on tuesday at the clinic. Once we have those results they will move on to selecting a donor for us 😊

My question is... I have been sent a prescription for medication from Spain, where is the best place to take it? We have the options of taking it to either the GP and then to Asda etc. or Stork can deal with it and I think they deliver the medication to our home. Anyone had any experiences of this? Which is cheaper?

Looking forward to hearing from you xx

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I don’t know about stork, although it must be handy to have it delivered to your door, but Asda is supposed to be one of the cheapest places on the market. Good luck for your cycle xx

Asda or Superdrug all the way!! I’ve just had to get a private perscripton of which luckily the clinic abroad put both my hubbys and my meds on the same script (antibiotics) Asda charged £20, Stork and other private chemists charged £100!! Asda and Superdrug have made a pledge not to add any profit to fertility drugs xx

We used stork. They were very helpful and provided prices before we had our prescription and based on what we used on the previous round.

Asda also were happy to give prices over the counter :-)

I took all my prescriptions direct from my Spanish clinic to the pharmacy in My local Tesco Extra, completely bypassing my GP as they were a bit funny about writing me a private script. As long as your clinic have put all your info on (name address, date of birth), signed and and stamped the script and it is in English it will just be treated like a private script while we are still in the EU. Decapeptyl was about £80 but the estradiaol and cyclogest were much cheaper. About £8 for 12 weeks estradiol and £14 per week of cyclogest pessaries. x

Fertility2u is a pharmacy online and Their quote was half price compared to the quote from ASDA.

This was because my clinic (like many other clinics abroad) has an agreement with fertility2u. Not sure about your clinic, but you should at least ask them for a quote and compare.

I paid in Total 468 £ including delivery 😊

I called both Stork and Asda last time for comparison cost. Other than getting the meds abroad I am not sure of any other options.

Good luck xxx

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Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

Which was cheaper? X

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Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

For me on that occasion it was Stork - which I was surprised about x

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Hope4usall in reply to Camillage

Thank you. They have quoted me £155 for the two medications but I might nip to Asda tomorrow to get a quote from them and compare. X

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Camillage in reply to Hope4usall

I just phoned them. They will give you a quote over the phone x

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