Have you paid for extras when having NHS treatment?

If you've paid for any extra tests or treatment when having NHS-funded IVF/ICSI, we'd be really grateful if you could let us know about this. It will be totally anonymous - we are just trying to get some information together to find out what the current situation is.

We'd also be interested to hear from you if you've wanted additional tests or treatment but haven't been able to pay for them on top of your NHS treatment.

If you are willing to help, you can email katebrian@infertilitynetworkuk.com - thank you!

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  • After our one free IVF cycle we had to pay for our embryo's to be frozen, and for their subsequent transfer.

    I also paid £2700 for surgery to avoid a 6 month wait on the NHS.

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me Katrina - that's much appreciated.

  • I initially paid approx 650 pounds to see the consultant quicker and to have a internal scan. She then asked me to pay 50 pounds for a blood test to see the amount of eggs left.

    Then after my first failed ivf my husband and I looked at what we could do to improve the chances and decided to pay for the glue and scratch which was 300 pounds. We will have to pay this again for our third cycle.

  • Thanks for replying Kirdrew - do you know which blood test it was that you paid the £50 for?

  • It measured the anti mullerian I had to send it away to a clinic the clinic suggested. Sorry for my late reply

  • Not at all - thanks for replying - that's very useful.

  • Hi apart from my injections which were about £38 I haven't paid anything. We looked at paying for a test to jump the nhs queue but the only earlier appointment privately was when we were on holiday abroad so we left it, as you had to have the test at the beginning of yr period day 1-4 I think and by then an nhs appointment was available. X

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me about this - do you remember which were the injections that you had to pay for?

  • Yer they were buserelin injections which we only used 2! I was allergic so we switched to a contraceptive pill which we used for a month (which was free levin or something!) then I had a week off and started 2 further injections daily which tbh I can't remember if we paid for those too. sorry for the vagueness but I definitely paid for my injections. Not sure if that was because I work full time, so pay for prescriptions. But apart from injections we've paid nothing out, though I did buy a beautiful *cough cough * hospital nightie for egg collection which is so grannie glam!!!! Lol

  • Love the sound of your grannie glam! Thanks for replying again - take care x

  • I had to pay for a private consultation after surgery as the waiting list was so long for my post op review appointment. I had to have this review appoinent in order to reactivate my postponed place on the IVF waiting list.

    I went for the private appointment in March and I am currently in the middle of my IVF treatment. Had I waited, my review appointment wouldn't have been until June and my IVF treatment wouldn't have started until July or August.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply - hope all goes well with your treatment x

  • Hi, we had to pay for my partners sperm to be frozen I'm are it is needed at a later date. Also if we choose to freeze any extra embryos (if there r any) it will be an initial fee them a yearly fee and them cost of transfer. ) even though we were initially told we would get 3 free goes) sorry for the ramble, hope it makes sense?

  • Yes it does make sense - thank you! Do you know how much it might cost for freezing and transfer? And did the policy change locally about how many cycles you get if you were initially told you'd get three? (sorry, endless questions!) - Kate x

  • Hi Kate, we paid about £1000 to have all of our initial tests done privately (sperm analysis, HSG, blood tests etc) as it was going to take almost a year for our initial NHS hospital appointment from GP referral. The GP wouldn't refer us until we had been ttc for 1 year so that would have meant we would have been ttc for 2 years before having any tests done on the NHS. It's an incredibly anxious time for any couple and we were fortunate to be in a position where we could afford to pay for these tests. At the time I really couldn't have waited any longer.

    Thanks x

  • Thanks so much for taking time to reply - that's really helpful x

  • Have the results/findings for this been done yet. I am interested to see. I have been refused extras everytime I have asked. 

    I first asked after my first cycle failed. After the years trying previously with no pregnancy what so ever achieved and tests showing great levels and healthy reproductive organs. Implantation failure is clearly an issue for me. Even my consultant has told me of the benefits of a scratch at least. But I was refused. The subsequent treatment resulted in an ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed me, which a scratch (and possibly glue) may have prevented. Next treatment failed to implant again. I have 1 more funded treatment left and feel like going in without the extras would be a waste of a round. 

    I am curious to know if it is a clinic decision or a CCG decision? As I am keen to appeal it, or even switch clinics if needed.

  • Thanks for your reply. If you email me - katebrian@infertilitynetworkuk.com I can reply to you properly! Kate 

  • I'm paying to have an endometrial scratch done in preparation for my first treatment. My clinic have no plans to include this treatment on the NHS.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, Kate 

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