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IVF tips with high thyroid antibodies

Hi everyone, I am new here and new to anything thyroid related so please pardon ignorance!

I was diagnosed this week with Hashimoto's and my antibody levels are extremely high. I am undergoing IVF so that is taking priority at the moment but have been prescribed Prenisolone to try and help my body accept the embryo.

I will see a specialist at some point but in the mean time wondered if anyone can let me know of anything I can do, that won't interfere with IVF treatment, to lower my antibody levels?

All help and advice much appreciated, thanks :)

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Hello, going gluten free should really help, this has worked for LOADS of women in the thyroid network and for me too. My TPO antibodies reduced by a third in the first 4 weeks of going gluten free, and apparently after we weeks you see a much bigger reduction. You have to be totally committed and read the label on everything to avoid hidden gluten, and ask in restaurants to make sure the dish you want definitely has no hidden gluten eg in sauces x


Yes gluten free seems to be the way forward... thanks, big changes afoot ;-/


Hi raegrace. Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Syndrome. I don't have any non medical advice for you, but it could be beneficial for you to speak to a dietitian, who can talk to you about diet to help with the condition. An endocrinologist might be of use too, if you haven't already seen one. Always remember to take your thyroid drug at least half an hour before food. Good luck with it all, and I do hope that your hormones can be regulated satisfactorily through your treatment cycle. Prednisolone is often prescribed for women who have immune system problems, so fingers crossed! Diane


Thanks very much Diane - I will seek out a dietician and endocrinologist as soon as... Thanks for well wishes :)


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