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Rocco’s update


I’ve tried a few times to do an update but it wouldn’t post ....

anyway ... first thank you all so much for your messages, so much love xx

So Rocco is having a bit of a hard time at the moment he was taken off the ventilator and only lasted 3 1/2 hours which I was told was not that great but at the time was told it was good! Anyway I was taken to the quite room and told that the damage to his brain could be worse than they thought and he may never breath on his own 💔 the next day .... he’s got a lung infection and the day after suspected meningitis, so they did blood cultures to find the antibiotics that would kill it and he’s responding well 😊 he’s got another 2 weeks of antibiotics... so him trying to come off the ventilator when this was all underlying was never going to happen so we will see what happens next!! 💙💙

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Oh my goodness. What a roller coaster. I am so pleased they found the issue and really wishing everything goes well xxx

He’s certainly a little fighter! Sending big hugs 💕 xx

Thank you for the update. Keep on fighting you little

What a journey for you all. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending big hugs. Thank you for the update it’s really appreciated. Xxx

Oh the poor wee soul! As you say no wonder he couldn’t breathe on his own with all that happening. He’s still got a very good chance!! Keep the faith xx


Aww, poor little Rocco! He really is an amazing little thing though, & seems to be fighting off everything that’s thrown at him! 💪🏼👊🏼 Every day he will get a little bit stronger; I mean look how far he’s come already!! 😊💙

You are both tough cookies...x

Beatiful little warrior you are getting stronger every day, keep fighting! I keep you in my thoughts 🙏 ❤️ Xx

He a little fighter. Wishing him and you all the best 💙 xx


Sending u lots of love xxx

Come on Rocco. You can do this baby boy. 💙

He looks so much bigger and stronger- look at that mop of hair! Poor luv with an infection on top of it all. Its no wonder he couldn’t breath unaided. It’s great he’s on antibiotics now and I hope and pray he keeps on fighting the way he has done! Xxx


Thanks for the update, wishing him all the best and sending you lots of hugs xx

Thank you for taking time to update us all ! What a time of it you are having hope Rocco continues to fight and that next attempt to remove his ventilator is successful sending love to you both love the little hand holding the big hand bless him x

Thinking of you. x

Come on Rocco. He's such a fighter Kat. At least now they've got to the bottom of why he couldn't breathe. I think of you often and really hope you've got a good support network hun. He'll pull through he's such a strong little blessing. Hugs and kisses for you both 😘💝💙

Oh bless him. So pleased he’s responding to the antibiotics. I’ll keep praying that Rocco’s prognosis is better than what they have suggested. xxx


Wishing you all the very best x 💙

What an awful time you’re having. Hopefully the lung infection was the cause of him not doing well off the ventilator and when you get that sorted things will improve. Thinking of you guys x

Sorry to read you & Rocco are having a rough time at the moment, hopefully things will improve before you know it. Sending you love & best wishes 💙 xx

sending so much love xxx

Hang in there Rocco bless you! Thank you for updating us sending you the best wishes and prayers xxxx

What a tough time Kitkat82. You are both so strong and brave. Keeping you both in my thoughts. Xx

Roccos a fighter! Sending lots of strength to you all 💕xx

I was just wondering how he was doing, so glad you posted an update. Much love and best wishes to you all 💙 x


Hi Kitkat82. That little hand is holding on tight bless him. Each day changes so much for you all at the moment. Tiny steps are easier to cope with. Love and hugs as always. Diane xxxxx’s


Thinking of you all xxx

Aww bless him what a precious photo! He's such a fighter, I hope he gets better and stronger everyday sending love to you, Rocco and your family xxx

Sending you lots of love x

Oh bless his little heart, you must be having such a hard time. I'm so glad to hear he is responding well to the meds, he's a little fighter that's for sure - Rocky should be his nickname bless him! That's picture is so gorgeous too. Thinking of you, lots of hugs xxxx

Oh wow, what a scary time for you!xx

So sorry to hear that I am praying for him he is a fighter he will make it just keep having faith that he will be heal in the name of Jesus amen. Please keep us updated of his progress if u are able to.

Sending my love ❤️ xxx

What a little fighter he is. Bless him.

And such a beautiful picture. Xx

Rocco is turning into Rocky with all the fighting he’s doing! Love him!!! Well done you too going through all of this x

Thank you everyone xx

Sending hugs! He’s a wee fighter xxx

Sending love. Thank you for letting us know how he is getting on.

R poor little Rocco his having it all thrown at him, but his a little fighter

Take care xx

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