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Negative 😞


Hi everyone,

So following my positive on last Thursday unfortunately today I got a negative on a digital so I’m pretty sure I’m out. I think I knew from last Friday as my symptoms had disappeared. I have a feeling the progesterone has delayed my body’s response but I’m unsure. It’s very disappointing but we did all we could. I think that means a frozen cycle next. Hopefully we might have more luck. Feeling very deflated now xx

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Really sorry to hear this Kirsty xxx

Sorry to be reading this lovely... 😓 this happened to me and it has to be the worst... feelings of hope that its worked to be crushed moments later .. hope your ok and good luck with your frozen cycle .. be kind to yourself Xx

What sad news 😞 i hope your ok xx

Awww no hun I'm so sorry I was hoping it was all ok 😢 I'm so very sorry. But sounds like you have some frosties which is good, try and focus on that although I know you must be grieving 😓 Please take care of yourself and I'm sorry this has happened xxx

Sorry to read this 😢 so heartbreaking for you.

I’ve only had successes with frozen cycles so don’t loose hope.

Best of luck going forward hun xxx

So sorry to read this. Sending you huge hugs and hopefully you get the strength to try again xxx

Really sorry to hear 🙁

Sending hugs x


Sorry to read this Hun. Take good care of yourself x

I’m sorry to hear this.

I had a chemical pregnancy last year & it’s so heartbreaking.

I know there are no words that will ease the pain you are feeling but to know that I am thinking of you. xoxo

Sorry to hear this. The same thing happened to me on my last fresh cycle in May. I am now 7+3 following a FET at the start of August, so there’s still hope x

So sorry Kirsty. It’s very cruel. You did everything you could. I wish you so much luck with your fet xx

I’m so sorry to read this. Sending you big hugs 💕 xx

Im really sorry Kirsty, its really hard after getting a BFN, must be even harder after a BFP but when you're ready your frostie will be waiting for you! Hugs.xx

So sorry to read this, I hope you recover quickly. Take the time you need and be good to yourself xx

Thanks everyone you’re all so lovely! I thought this might happen but I just hope that one day I will carry all the way 😢 xxx

So sorry to hear this and it must be made all the worse by you getting that initial BFP. Sending love and hoping your ok. Wishing you all the best for when you are ready to try again 💕🙏 xX

KirstyC90 in reply to Clover5

Thanks, heartbroken to be honest as I’ve now started to bleed. Its awful. The disappointment is the worst bit 😞 xx

Clover5 in reply to KirstyC90

It is awfully cruel 😢 At least you know you have done everything you possibly could yourself and sadly there isn’t anything you could do to change the outcome. Are you off work at the moment? I really feel for you 💕 xX

KirstyC90 in reply to Clover5

Yeah I suppose *sighs* 😞 thanks for the reply hun xxxxx

Sorry to hear that. I’ve been there and know how disappointing and upsetting it is. The progesterone may well be holding off AF. Take some time to process it all and allow yourself to be upset about it. Hope you have more success with your frozen cycle x

KirstyC90 in reply to Lynnr54

They said to keep taking progesterone but I wasn’t bleeding yesterday. Shall I stop now I am? X

Lynnr54 in reply to KirstyC90

When I spoke to my clinic they said because I hadn’t started bleeding I should keep taking it and test again 3 days later because there was a chance it could change. I knew it was never going to change but I did keep taking it which in my view just postponed the inevitable and made it harder to move on. Personally I would stop taking at this point but it has to be your call.

KirstyC90 in reply to Lynnr54

That’s what I have been told and exactly what I think too xx

I’m so sorry Kirsty. How heartbreaking.

I really hope you have some time to process. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you for your frozen transfer.

Much love x

So sorry to hear this! Hope you’re ok. Sending hon loads of love xxxxx

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