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GTT results


Feeling a bit stressed

So my glucose test showed that I might have gestational diabetes

I never received my results in the so contacted my midwife and she told me I have an appointment with the diabetes doctor friday

Not sure what to expect or if I need to fast before I go to the appointment my midwife seems "she is away with the fairys" a lot of the time think I should call antenatal tomorrow just to check but if anyone has experienced this I'd appreciate any advice or story's

Thank you hope everyone is doing well on their journeys whatever stage you are at


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They will mostly give you an insulin schedule I.e medicines or injections to take and a diet chart.... you will need to monitor your insulin closely... I don’t have Gestational diabetics yet but my sister did when she was pregnant

Emmad781 in reply to Shil11

Thank you for your reply and advice 👍🏻

I had this. Was a bit of a shock as I was slim (bar bump!) and fit but there you go!! Anyway no need to fat for appt. They will likely go through diet with you, how to monitor bloods and generally a bit of a plan. They will try to control you with diet alone only moving on to metformin if struggling or insulin if you really can't control your levels. You will get extra appts, scans etc to check babys growth. You are unlikely to be allowed to go over term but each nhs trust is slightly different. Anyway good luck with it and any questions just ask. Xx

Emmad781 in reply to Lamb82

Thanks so much for your reply it’s really helpful and has put me at ease too xx

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