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11 dp 5dt freaking out about chemical pregnancy..


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Hi, as my post describes I am still concerned about my positives being so weak. At 11 dp 5dt I would think the lines would be stronger? Yesterday I got a Clearblue digital 1-2 weeks pregnant window. The tests are (left to right) Wilko cheapie, First response and the test my clinic gave me (supposed to do that on Wednesday whoops!)

Any thoughts? Thanks and sorry for the angst!

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They look good to me hun! And the first response I think is the most sensitive out of those tests, so I wouldn't worry. And at 11dp5dt I w0uldnt expect it to be really dark unless it was twins maybe. I'd wait a couple days and test again and hopefully it's a bit darker 😁 congrats! xxx

By Wednesday you’ll prob find that they’re even darker - looks positive though 😊👍🏼 xxxx

My clinics test date is 13dp5dt, my friend who was treated there still had a faint line that day and had to wait a day and test again. That baby was born safe and well in July. Don’t get hung up on line strength, a positive is a positive.

Each test has a difference threshold for detecting HCG. So don’t worry about the strength. Best thing to do is to get a blood test 2 days apart to see if the HCG nUmbers are doubling

Thanks so much for encouraging words everyone! You are all so lovely. Our clinic date isn’t until Wednesday at 13dp5dt. I am stepping away from the tests tomorrow and will see where I am on OTD! Xx

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