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Not this month

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Tomorrow is day 8 of my cycle when we could start to try again but I’m just to sad and not ready to put my self through it again. I invested so much of myself in to conception last month and thought we had made it due to my symptoms.

Affirmations, visilisations, Chinese herbs, Accupuncture, 5 a day, no diary, no alcohol for me or my partner, limited sugar, no caffeine for me or my partner, swimming once a week where all quite a commitment really. I’m going to prepare myself again this month, from tomorrow. But since Tuesday last week, the day my period showed and now I’ve had some down time, Let all good habits slip and feel rubbish for it. Time to dust myself off and start again but no baby making just preparation , including mindfulness yoga and belly dancing, the last I have heard is very good for endometrosis when trying to conceive 😳 x x

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Well done for all those positive changes. Belly dancing sounds fun! Sometimes it is easy to forget that this should be fun (everyone on here can totally relate to the fun go in away). Don't beat yourself up about having some time to be "normal". I wish you all the best. Oh, and advice would be to "try" every other day throughout the month. Good luck xxx

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Thank you camillage, we do need to bring back the fun bit to baby making, all noted . Good luck to you my sweet 🌻

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Oh hun I hear you trying for a baby is so difficult. It’s devastating to get the same result every month. 😢I got my period this month so know how you feel. ☹️

Sometimes a break is good & maybe you could just have “normal “ relations with your hubby and see what happens ? I’ve had forced breaks due to endo laps & it’s really helped my perspective of trying. I now see my period as another opportunity to get pregnant. ✨

I gave up deriving myself of caffeine etc and even allow myself a glass of wine during the 2ww a while ago. I figured most ladies will fall doing worse than that & it doesn’t prevent conception! I think stress is more harmful. Don’t get me wrong I take many vitamins & supplements but the stress of living like I’m pregnant before I know doing that would be too much and I’d fall in love with the notion of being pregnant 🙈; I follow the anti inflammatory diet but that’s to ease my endometriosis.

Put yourself first & treat 👌🏻🙂 yourself. You deserve it.. xoxo

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Living like your already pregnant is exactly what It felt like. I said to my husband ... I felt really special for 5 minutes ....when my period arrived, it’s hideous. Thank your kind words jess. How you dong after your op? Where is your endo if you don’t mind me asking? 🌻 x x

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It’s beyond heartbreaking, but keep believing your time will come & be worth it ❤️ you can do this ✨✨

I’m okay thank you. My recovery has been okay thanks. 👌🏻My surgeon treated my belly button last week as it hadn’t healed well & have to see him again in 8 weeks time.

Ask away! My endometriosis grows POD, uterosacral ligament & rectum. xoxo

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Pouch f Douglas? Mine is there, on my ovaries and over my womb, naughty endo, rest and recover lovely x x

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Thank you. Yeah Pouch of Douglas! Endo is not nice & it’s such a fight when TTC but we will fight & win! xoxo

Oh lovely, im reading this and its as if ive wrote it too about my life. Spent the whole weekend in a pit of depression, crying on and off, not eating, barely sleeping, cancelling plans with friends.

Knowing in your heart you’re doing everything you can (which you quite clearly are) is both a blessing and a curse. Good for knowing in your heart you couldnt have tried any harder, and bad because that hard work hasnt materialised to what you so desperately want. I can relate to that all too well 😞

Keep going, do not give up. You can do this. Lots of love & baby dust to you ✨ xx

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Hopeful82 in reply to Sunshine92

Thank you sunshine92 , I think a break is the right thing for me and not to be so regimented with myself. I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling this way too. I have added you on this group , let’s keep in touch. Thank you for my baby dust 🌻 x

I hear ya! For my third cycle I threw myself at every kind of preparation I could - read loads of books, followed a really careful diet, no coffee, sugar alcohol, loads of supplements, acupuncture weekly, supportive Chinese herbs, reduced intensive physical exercise (drastically affecting my very physical job), visualisations and a daily meditation app! The cycle failed and I felt like crap. I almost found it funny, because it didn't just fail, it failed rather spectacularly (one immature egg collected). I did feel good that I had done everything I could, but I've relaxed a bit now, I'm having decaf coffee and the occasional glass of wine, I'm eating a healthy but less pressured diet, I stopped the acupuncture cos it was so expensive and I don't think it did anything fir me. I'm getting ready for my next cycle and I'll do some of those things, but in a far more relaxed and modified manner. You learn what feels right and most useful to you ad you go on I guess. Maybe enjoy a bit of time off - one or two months to chill and reflect is a great thing. I'm not felling brilliantly ready for my cycke next month, I've really enjoyed being normal for 6weeks! but hopefully I get into it soon - and you when you're ready. X

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Thank you magda22 , I’m sorry to hear your extrem efforts didn’t pay off for that cycle. A more relaxed approach like you You is what is in store for me going forward, I just can’t live like that , it’s too disappointing when it comes to nothing. However, interestingly. My friend tried for about 9 months, no fertility issues she is aware off, then decides to eat 8 a day and keep alcohol for weekends only, she got pregnant the next month, maybe it had an impact maybe it didn’t , Who knows x x

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