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Need to get a grip


So I’m 5 days in to my cycle, period pretty much done. This morning was fine but this afternoon I have become awash with tiredness which is completely uncontrollable. Had a sleep on couch and woke up literally like all the sadness in the word has wrapped around my heart. I have no energy, still feel so tired, feel sad about everything. Rang my husband , he suggested I rest and put a Christmas film on which I have just downloaded.

Finances are currently a strain until my husband goes back to his day job when dbs comes through , left one to start another and there has been a gap over summer. Things will get back on track once he back. Saw my friends baby for the first time this morning to, felt I had to be really overly cooey and it was a strain I have to saw. Not sure seeing a new baby could make me feel this way but I literally felt nothing. Years ago I used to feel warm , fluffy loving feelings for brand new babies but have noticed over the last 18 months, it’s like there is no emotion at all. I was so convienced it was our month this month and I just wonder if the second wave of reality has hit today. I feel like it’s such an effort to do all the things you supposed to do/ not do , feel today ‘have i really got the strength’ x x

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Sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. It’s an unbelievable struggle at times. A sofa day (I’ve had one too) sounds like it was a good idea. I hope it helped a little and that your Christmas film was a good distraction xx

Hopeful82 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you, Christmas film and vicar of dibley did make me giggle a few times so that’s good. Hope your ok? X x

Tugsgirl in reply to Hopeful82

Trigger done. Not long to EC. Feeling the effects.

Glad you had a giggle xx

Hi, I hope a day’s rest has helped you. Hoping today will be a better day for you xx

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