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Surely I should be getting some of the twin pregnancy vibes?!


Such mixed emotions this morning. I’m due to take my trigger shot today, ready for egg collection on Monday. I got a phone call from my twin brother to say that he and his wife are expecting. They have no idea we’re going through ivf.

I’m obviously thrilled for them but the timing of them telling me has totoally knocked me off course. I was feeling really positive about this round (our 4th 🤦‍♀️) with no tears.....until now. I know it’s the medications and hormones playing with me too but the selfish part of me felt like at least we weren’t the only ones in the family without a baby (I have 2 other sisters with kids).

My brother’s wife is diabetic so they said it might take them some time.

We’re all going on a family holiday in the uk next year, renting a house and he just wanted to check that we didn’t mind having the room up in the loft as he didn’t think it would be wise for them to have to go up 3 flights of stairs with a new baby. Part of me wanted to tell him what we were going through and that we might (🙏) be in the same position but I also didn’t want to take anything away from his moment.

Just needed to let it all out in this essay as my husband won’t be here until Sunday night. I called him to tell him but it came out as a blubbering mess and then I felt guilty as he thought someone had died!

I’ve got to pick myself up and get back on my positive track (yet again) and pray that some of those twin pregnancy vibes come my way!

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You might well soon join your brother in his news I really hope so it would be very special x Don't feel bad about your tears they are entirely natural x

The timing of your brother’s news is a bit unfortunate and I totally understand how this shook you up. I’m about to start injections and my friend just told me about her pregnancy and although I was genuinely happy for her it took me 3 days to get back on positive track. So you will as well. Hopefully you will soon be able to share good news with your twin brother 🍀 x

Lamorna80 in reply to Kari55

I really hope so. My sisters kids are very close in age and close as cousins, it would be great if ours could be the same but I have to stop myself from getting carried away. Need to protect myself on this rollercoaster a bit.

Be happy for them they might have they’re own issues during their pregnancy if she’s diabetic. Concentrate on you, you have a lot going on don’t stress about them, good luck with today and Monday xxx

Aww hun sometimes these announcements can be such bad timing! Wish you all the best for your egg collection, hopefully I will be having my egg collection thurs/Friday almost potential 2ww buddies! 😉😁 I hope this will be your time 🐣🌱💕

Lamorna80 in reply to Niki_B

Fingers crossed for us both! I’ve got my friend coming round later to get me back on track. Already feeling better after my little wobble. This journey is tough but it’s definitely showing me how resilient I can be! X

I’ll be following your 2WW, good luck! 🍀

Niki_B in reply to Lamorna80

Oh awesome hun your friend will cheer you up! 😁 its definately tough, this time round feels so different from first so much more far!! And yes I look forward to your updates hope you get lotsa nice looking eggs Monday 🐓🐣 I'm off for my first blood test and scan with "wanda" tomorrow to check my follies 🤣😘 xx

Lamorna80 in reply to Niki_B

“Wanda” 😂😂love it!

Niki_B in reply to Lamorna80


I think you sound like a fab sister. Don’t be hard on yourself for the way you’re feeling. I think many of us would feel the same. I hope you’re able to put your positive pants back on soon. Good luck xx

Lamorna80 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. Positive pants well and truly back on! X


Hello I honestly feel for you so much. We are in the same position just finished our second failed round and my sister is due her 3rd baby in January. I was so full of emotions when she told me. Angry, happy, sad, then angry again. Deep down I'm so happy for them but just sooo sad for us. Take time to let it sink in. But hold your head up high. One day it will be your turn and when it happens it will be amazing xxx sending u so much hugs and good luck wishes xxx

I know how you feel but please have hope and try to stay positive, hard I know. We've been through 3 rounds of ivf without telling any family what we are going through, one of the main reasons is because we knew that my siblings would probably have pregnancy announcements and we didn't want them to feel awkward telling us their news if they knew what we were going through.

As suspected, while we have been trying my sister announced her 3rd pregnancy and my brother has had one baby and announced 2nd. It's really hard!

Of course I was happy for them but I can't lie I struggled with their pregnancies, and found that I was kind of ignoring the fact they were pregnant and distancing myself from them. Loved my nieces and nephews arriving (we have 8 with another on the way as all our siblings have children) it was just the pregnancy bit I struggled with.

We have been successful with our 3rd round, I'm 16 weeks pregnant now and although still quite anxious about it all being real and ok, we have now told family we are pregnant and shared the story of our struggle over the past few years which was very emotional and a big relief.

Now me and my sister in law are pregnant at the same time and babies will be just 5 months apart, which is nice as my two sisters have kids of a similar age.

Try to stay positive for this next round, I felt positive for my 3rd round and for sone reason felt like it would happen (easy to say now). Keep positive and look after yourself, my final round for 2ww I took a few days off work, drank lots of water, ate lots of protein and watched my friends box set x

Lamorna80 in reply to KB11

Thank you for your reply, your story does sound similar. I’ve been having the same, positive feelings about this round, so really hope it happens for us.

I’ve managed to bounce back with the help of my friend, a girls night in and sex & the city.

Congratulations on your bfp and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Xxx

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