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2 chemical..3rd now is PGS worth it??


Hi Everyone...I have not been much active here for a good while..just been liking few posts..am completely drained now and its all taking a toll on me ..have had a fresh chemical and then again fet chemical..m shattered still not able to bring my self together..why can my uterus not fully accept a wee embroyo .wounds are only getting deeper now...want some advise from u lovely ladies...thinking of doing pgs testing for my next 3rd transfer...can the clinics transfer 2 pgs tested embroyos or they are only allowed 1..m keen on transferring 2 thiz tym.also just out of curiosity do they tell you the gender of pgs tested embroyos.....finally is it really worth doing pgs...any advise , suggestions, experiences welcome...thank you all in advance 💕

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I can’t give any advice on PGS, I don’t understand how it all works.

But I am very sorry for both of your losses truly awful . I had a chemical pregnancy last year & it’s very heartbreaking. My fertility doctor has offered to refer us to a miscarriage clinic if I was to suffer another loss; I know all clinics will vary but could your fertility doctor refer you to one to double check everything?

With such an early loss it’s normally our bodies way of rejecting an embryo that may not have been right ( that’s what I tell myself) . It does seem a lottery. ☹️

Hopefully someone can advise better on PGS & miscarriage tests.

All the best xoxo

I guess it depends how many embryos you get. If you only have a couple then I would just probably put them back and see what happens.

My friend had a few failures with her own eggs and then ended up with 7 embryos after donor eggs were used. She did PGS which took it down to 4. She is now 16 weeks pregnant.

I didn't use it for my donor round cos both my husband and the donor had to have karyotyping. However, now my current pregnancy/miscarriage is up in the air I wonder whether we should have done it.


I don’t have any advice on this but just wanted to send you loads of love 💕 I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time - this journey can be so tough! Just remember how strong you are to even be on it though. Sending loads of virtual hugs 🤗 xxxxxx


Hi Niki1111. I hope you've had plenty of support surrounding these list little ones you have suffered. Perhaps you could have chromosome testing to see if all is OK with you both, then move on to PGS if not. The HFEA website talk over these tests so maybe have a look. hfea.gov.uk I think you will find that if you do have the testing done they will just offer one transfer, but you will need to speak to the embryologist about this. Lots to think about, and obviously I hope all works out better next time. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane will deffo check the above link xxx

If you go for PGS testing make sure that it is New Generation Sequencing which is the most advanced available . Most failure to implant and m/ c are the result of the embryo having the wrong number of chromosomes to survive. This can either be a monosomy where only one copy of the chromosome has been passed to the embryo during cell division or trisomy where there are three chromosomes instead of two. Unfortunately PGS testing is no guarantee but it does mean that an embryo has the potential to develop properly and increases the chances of success.

Wishing you all the best x

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Thx for the info Lojane xx

I meant to say that PGS testing will identify the embryos with the correct number of chromosomes.

If you are in the UK, they are not permitted to tell you the gender of embryos before transfer as selection by sex is illegal. We only had one embryo so no selecting to be done but still no information given on gender.

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Thx for clarifying Lizzie xx

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