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5dp5dt help!


Hi Everyone

I had a 5 day embryo transferred last Wednesday. For the first few days I felt blissfully relaxed and hopeful but for the past couple of days doubts have started to creep in. For the last 2 days I’ve been feeling heavy, “full” and a bit achey in my uterus area, just like I normally do before AF arrives. I’m doing a medicated FET cycle so I have no idea when my period is due but because of how I’m feeling I’ve started to feel doubtful about the success of this cycle :(.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms so soon after ET and gone on to get a BFP?

Any reassurance would be so gratefully received x

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Hi there, yes I had a full/bloated feeling and some pinching and got a bfp so fingers crossed for u xx

Rose53 in reply to penny24

Thank you so much for replying, fingers crossed!! X

Same here! I was feeling ok the first few days and now doubting if they are still there or I have nothing inside me! My check is on Sunday. I wish it turns BFP for both of us 🤲🏻

Rose53 in reply to Maha1989

I wish that too! X

Wishing you luck!! 💕 I have my transfer on Saturday xx

Thank you! Best of luck to you too xx

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