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Why can’t I stay pregnant 😢


It just sucks. And I’ve done another this morning and it’s almost not even there, like an absolute squinter.

I kind of really thought that this would be different as my line got darker than the control line 😢

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Oh hunny I am so so sorry😢😢😢it is so cruel and unfair..I never test daily so I am never sure about hcg and line fading but might it be worth checking with your clinic?xxxxx

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This mornings is almost blank. I’m not even going to bother with my meds his morning, I’ll take them to work but will ring my clinic as soon as they are open.

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So sorry this must be so disheartening. Definitely check with your clinic about whether to stop the meds. Fingers crossed for you xx

Hi Orla. Not sure if I've missed any posts as I've been away without my phone. As you know I have no experience with bfps but I've read posts from ladies on other forums saying stop testing after you've got your positive as fluctuating lines can drive you wild! Call the clinic and have a chat before you get yourself any more upset. I know it must be excruciating waiting for your scan with what you've been through, so I can understand your anxiety. I hope someone on here can tell you something to make you feel better, or that the clinic can help. Lots of love..xx

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This mornings line is literally gone, there is no way this is going any other way.

Will ring my clinic at 8 xx

Just wanted to send you some love 💕 I’m sorry you’re going though this xxxxx I’m hoping your clinic tell you something positive xxx

So sorry hon. Take a sickie today if you can - either way you might need some peace and quiet. Xxx

Oh hun I'm so sorry I don't know what to say 😢 hoping by some miracle something might change? I don't know anything about BFP but I do know this process can be so cruel. Makes me second guess trying again. It's just heartbreaking. Sending big hugs your way 😟 xxx

Orla I’m so sorry xx


Sorry to read this 😥 xxx

Oh god I’m so sorry, it’s just so traumatic, I’m thinking of you today xxx

As I said Im so sorry Orla!! Really had hoped things would be different for you this time! Huge hugs....its really not fair. We just cant catch a break!!xx

Oh Orla! So sorry, absolutely heartbreaking ! x

Oh Orla, I’m so sorry. Let’s hope all is not lost and the clinic and shed some light on it. Will b thinking of u xx

How’s your progesterone??

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Fine, and I’m on extra. 3x utrogestan and 1 x cyclogest.

No bleeding yet and I’m a week late so it’s keeping bleed away.

This is so 💩 I'm so sorry lovely. 😢

Sending you huge hugs and love 😘💝

So sorry orla sending hugs your way 💖 xx

That definitely looks like some major fall in the HCG levels. I can relate this to when I had a chemical... though I didn't catch the fading... it totally vanished by the time I checked next. Also, the BFP wasn't as dark as it seems in your case... not even comparable to your faded one. Talking to the clinic might give you some insight into the cause but then I guess now that the test line is all gone you possibly had a chemical. Sorry! If you don't mind asking, have had this before as well... the heading seems like you're tired of the same thing. I hope I'm just overestimating. Sometimes the failures do make one irritatingly inquisitive and doubtful over everything, so is the case with me. Was it a natural TTC or ART? I don't think there's much to do about it now... look forward to the next cycle and hopefully the insights if any from the clinic will help. Wish you good luck!

Oh I’m so sorry Orla, this is terrible. I thought this was your time. What an awful roller coaster xxx

Seriously I’m not sure that you should be judging your pregnancy by darkness of line, you don’t know whether your urine concentration was the same on each day. If you really need to retest regularly then maybe pick up the tests that just say pregnant or not pregnant to give your mind a rest. I really do know how difficult it is and many of us have been there but please try to hang on in there for your scan to get some reliable answers. Don’t stop the medication unless your clinic tells you to. Good luck sweetie x

I agree on not stopping the meds until you are told to. You just don't know. Really hope there is still a happy ending. Thinking of you.xx

Sorry Orla, that sounds really stressful. Agree with what the others have said though - call your clinic about the meds, they will know best on that score.

I hope it isn’t what you think it is but can completely see how this last test will make you feel :( Will be thinking of you and hoping to hear better news xxx

Definitely over now, first response test almost blank today xx

Am so sorry Hun, sending you lots of love, this process can be so cruel xx

Hi orla, such a rollercoaster of emotions these last few weeks. I haven’t had experience of what you’re going through specifically so can’t offer any guiding light sorry. I understand it’s all you can think about right now but if the frequent testing is stressing you out maybe lay off them and see what happens. I’m still holding out hope for you xx

Ahh thank you, but it’s definitely over, the testing wasn’t stressing me out, just have to have bloods today to confirm hcg is lower. I’d have been more upset getting to my scan next week to her that there is nothing there 😢

The lesser of two horrible evils. It sucks and I’m sorry.

Oh Orla I'm so sorry to be reading this. I had found it hard when I had a chemical on otd and it must be a lot harder for you. Sending some strength your end and hope you feel better soon x

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