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Hi everyone, I’m new to the network, took me ages to pluck up the courage the join. I’ve been reading through people’s fertilty stories - so good to hear that I’m not alone, and not alone in feeling alone!

We’re unexplained infertility.

We’re currently on our first IVF cycle. I’m nervous & excited at the same time. I’m tired & have a splitting headache from the meds and am really off a number of foods. Im also taking Metformin for PCOS which is likely impacting on how I’m feeling too. I’m off work as have been feeling so unwell. What kinds of side effects have others experience? Did it keep you off work at all? I feel like I should be stronger than this.

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Hi Novice_knitter

Good luck with your cycle, we are also just about to start our first round of IVF. So I understand your feelings of nerves and excitement. I can't wait to just finally get started but nervous about it all too.

I am not planning on taking any time off work but I haven't actually started yet so things may change. I start my meds on Monday.

I wouldn't beat yourself up about needing time off. Everyone's journey is totally different and if you feel better being off for a while there's no point giving yourself added stress.

Good luck again

Let us know how things are going for you


Thank you H!

I was doing ok on the meds initially and planned to work but yeah - the body seems to need rest.

Good luck with starting your meds - I’ll definitely keep you updated.

I have the surgery day tomorrow - follicles to be emptied so will find out how many mature eggs I have. Am overstimulated according to Scan & bloods - 28 follicles - so may have to have everything frozen & take a break for a couple of months - will find out more tomorrow though 🙏

C x

Thank you! Oh good luck for tomorrow. I hope everything goes well, I'm sure it's mixed emotions the thought of having to wait longer but hopefully it all works out the best. Keeping everything crossed for you x

Thank you! 🙏 Come on follicles! x

Hi, just wondering how you got on with your appointment today? I also have pcos and they are keeping a close eye on me to make sure I don’t over stimulate x

Hey kirstyblue

Got on well. Feel so much more comfortable after having everything emptied out - hadn’t realised how bloated I was!

13 eggs collected from 28 follicles which I’m told is a really good outcome. Also I’m pleased it wasn’t too many as was worried that if lots of eggs then many might be immature. They still might be but no way of telling at this point - just have to monitor how things go with the IVF - hear early news on this from the embryologist tomorrow.

I’m still on meds to help calm my system down so hopefully can have transfer on Fri or Monday. I have a scan on Fri to check things are calming down - they’ve also used blood monitoring over the last week to help adjust doses.

What stage are you at? I hope this helps 😃 x

I’m pleased you got on well. So they are hoping to put them back in on Friday for you? It’s my first cycle of ivf and I am on day 8 of meds so still having tracking scans. Hoping my EC will be Monday/Tuesday if all is well. I have pcos though and I have been told one ovary is looking busy so they just want to keep a close eye to make sure I don’t over stimulate. Praying I won’t! X

Good luck with your first cycle xxx

Thank you so much! X

With my meds I didn’t take any time off work, the egg collection was the one that made me go slow at work and watch when I sat down as it was like a dull Ache and bloated feeling. Good luck!

Thank you Loublou! I’m feeling better post EC, hadn’t realised how bloated I’d gotten!

It does knock you for six. But it was a lot better after a week or so x

That’s reassuring to know! 👍😀

Hi welcome and good luck! Wishing you all the bestfor your journey :)

Thank you LegoBatgirl! X

Welcome to the forum! You're definitely not alone we're all sailing on the same boat.... I hope you find much advice, support and optimism here.... cause that's what we do, be each other's strength through the fertility road. I haven't had IVF yet (planning on it and saving for it) so can't be of help to answer your questions specifically... but all I know is medicines react to people differently. Maybe you can talk to your Dr for alternate medication if you're having so much trouble with metformin, it's possible that changing the brand might help. It's important that you could attend to daily chores while on the process because it's gonna take a while.

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