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11dp5dt fet


So far i have managed to resist the temptation to test but its really getting to me today.

Ive had really sore full boobs up until yesterday but they seem to be going back to normal.

I also had a weird pain down there all day yesterday not sure how to describe it, not period pain, like a stretchy feeling.

Test date is sunday but am really unsure what the out come will be.

Lots of love and baby dust

Lynsay xx

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Symptoms can come and go and can also never be there. Weird stretchy feeling however is good. Hang on in there! Wishing you all the best for otd xx

It’s so difficult not to test. Im day 8 and so tempted to test today. I feel like I’ve got period pains but not sure if it’s in my head lol. Good luck x

Im 7dp4dt and its hard to wait! But it will be a better surprise on your test date. Wishing everyone a bfp xxx

My advice is definitely to wait as you don't want a false result which is possible when you test early. I know it's hard but waiting for the blood test is the best way. I have my fingers crossed for you xx

You are all so strong - my OH was testing from 5dp5dfet! 🙈🙈 I’ve read a lot of people say that they are disappointed when they test early (like 8dpt) & it’s a BFN, because before that they are still optimistic. It’s really hard, & everyone’s different. Some people may want to know one way or the other, because the unknown drives them crazy, but others want to wait because they are still hopeful. Good luck either way! 🤞🏼🍀

Wising you luck for Sunday! Well done you for not testing.....you're so strong! Fingers crossed for a good result!xx

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