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Teeny tiny positive, please stick!


Feeling hopeful but very very guarded!

Top was yesterday morning at 4dp5dt, and middle is this morning at 5dp, and bottom is this afternoon.

My lines have never really got much darker than the bottom one in the past, so I’m desperately hoping this time is different. Prednisolone and clexane are new this time so hoping they help!

Not telling my hubby because I’m hoping to surprise him on Saturday for his birthday. Wondering if that is a mistake though as it will still be so early only 7dp5dt and could still end up a chemical....?

OTD is Monday


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Oh wow Orla....this is amazing!!🤞🤞xxx

It is... I was starting to be a bit excited but have to remind myself how it ended the last 2 times 😔

But I’m going to keep taking it easy. How are you doing?xxx

Oh it just be hard not to get excited honey but at least there's hope! Yes just keep doing what you're doing and keep those fingers crossed!

I'm back to work tomorrow, doing ok thanks! Wondering if this wee embie is getting settled in!!🤔xx

Yay! This looks really positive - hopefully they’ll keep getting darker and you can give hubby the best pressie!

Amazing news! Have my fingers crossed for you lovely! 💜💜💜

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Thank you xxx 🤞🏼

That's effing awesome Orla! We can all be excited on your behalf at the moment and you can join us when you're ready. Let's think positively and here's hoping for and extra special bday for your hubby. Xxx

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Thank you! 🤞🏼🍀 xxx

Good luck for Monday 😊😊 xx

Eeeek. Really hope it's a, sticky one hun.😘💝 congratulations hun xx

woooohooooo ; )

Oooh wow. Congratulations xxx

Looks like a positive! Congrats! Wishing you all the best.xo

Nothing like sharing a bit of hopeful news to bring on a bit of cramping and mild spotting! ☹️

Looking very good hope all goes well for you x

That's great! I had had faint positives from 6dp 5dt, was such an anxious wait til the otd, I'm 13 weeks pregnant now! Wishing you all the best 😘 Xx

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Thank you! Stressing as an hour after posting this I started cramping and a weird period feeling and some blood... want to fast forward the next few days to see what happens 🙈

Hope the spotting stops hun xx

in reply to Orla9298

Oh no sorry to hear about the spotting 😞 I had cramping throughout due to my cyclogest pessaries, I also had some bleeding at weeks that turned out to be nothing, hope it stops soon for you xx

Really hope you have a sticky one! 🤞🤞xx

I'm hoping so too!! Xxx



Keeping everything crossed for you xx

Congratulations xx

I'm praying for you hun!! xx

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