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10 eggs collected


Had egg collection today. I had 16 big follicles and managed to get 10 eggs.

Waiting game for the call tomorrow now.

Taking it easy today but struggling with bad lower abdominal pains. How long is that likely to last?

Should start pesseries Friday morning. Can’t say I’m looking forward to them at all. I’ve read lots of comments. I’m planning on the front door. I don t use tampons and feeling a bit unsure. Nurse today said do the morning one and go back to bed for half an hour and the evening one do as I go to bed.

How long should I wait in a morning before having a bath/shower?

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Needs to be 12 hours apart. I do mine at 6 in the morning, lie for 30 mind then get up. 6 at night just lie on the sofa for 30 mine and that’s me x

I was told same as you with the pessaries- one in the morning and one when I go to bed. For the backache you can take paracetamol but not ibuprofen. I found a heat patch helped though x

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