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10 eggs collected

So yesterday had a total of 10 eggs collected, have had over half of them fertilise and have a total of 5 good ones. So relieved as I kept thinking I was gonna get a call saying that no eggs were fertilised.

ET will either be Friday or Sunday...fingers crossed for Sunday as I will then have embryos that have reached Blastocyst!

Have uncomfortable pain from EC at the mo, hope that goes by tomorrow!x

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Congratulations what a positive resultx


That's great skybid I know exactly how you feel. I am either getting a call today for et or going in Saturday and am hoping for Saturday too so am just one day ahead of you😀 xxx


Well done! That's a great amount. Good luck for ET xxx


That is fantastic news. Well done. I hope it goes well for the ET. Start preparing yourself for the dreaded 2ww. Let us know how you on hun. x


Congrats!! 5 eggs of good quality! It's a really great result! Good luck with your ET. Fingers crossed! xx


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