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9DP5DT with a BFN - can this still turn around??


Hi There,

Looking for a glimmer of hope from someone out there.

I am now 9DP5DT, we only had one viable embryo at Day 5 which was 2BB and therefore we had that transferred.

In the last 9 days i had a few symptoms. The morning of Day 2 i had severe cramps last lasted around 15 minutes and then subsided. I had sore boobs which stopped suddenly Day 6 and have not returned. I've had really bad headaches for days and yesterday i thought i felt nauseous and had a few cramps, I've also been suffering with a sore throat since about Day 4.

I really want to believe its not over but the BFN this morning using a First Response Early response test has truly devastated me. My official test day in Monday which will be 14DP5DT.

Has anyone had the same symptoms as above or similar experience but went on to have a BFP?? Looking for a glimmer of hope and a reason to stop crying! :-(


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I wouldn’t write it off just yet. I’m sure it’s still probably too early. Fingers crossed for you! 💓

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Thank you SES84, im trying to keep a glimmer of hope xx

I tested 7dp5dt and 8dp5dt and got a BFN too my OTD is this Friday coming x

Its so hard isn't it, I've been crying all morning. I don't really have any symptoms anymore and i'm trying to stay positive but it feels like its not going to happen.

Are you experiencing any symptoms ZoeLauren90? Do you think you will hold off testing now until your official day? xx

I keep getting waves of sadness and can’t stop crying. Then I remember! I had sore boobs, headaches and stomach pains. I had stomach pains last night. Have you got any frozen? I have one. I think I will hold off testing now till Friday as I don’t want to cause myself any more heartbreak x

We unfortunately only had one viable at day 5 so were unable to freeze any. Therefore it would need to be a completely new cycle, its so soul destroying isn't it. I really hope you get your BFP on Friday. xx

Oh no I wish you the very best of luck. I’m glad we have people to talk too. You too. It’s awful you start imaging all sorts xx

Just annoying as it was a first response test too xx

Thank you, i does help talking to others going through this. I used first response after what i read about it being the most sensitive, I was hoping even for the faintest of lines but nothing. Now for some reason in the last 20 minutes I've started having cramps, not sure if that's good or bad. the torture continues. xx

It’s awful isn’t it. Im so tempted to test again today but i know it will be negative 😢 x

I had bought loads of the first response test to do one a day from today, but feeling as I do right now i'm not sure i can take this every day. I have everything crossed for you that you get a BFP on Friday lovely. Hopefully miracles will happen. xx

And you too. I always regret it when I test and it’s negative again so I’ve hid the tests out of my reach. How come they told you to test 12 days after a 5 day transfer x

Maybe, i need to hide the tests too! Monday for me makes it 14DP5DT xx

Wonder they told me to test on Friday ! I had a 5 day transfer too x

How many days does Friday make it for you? xx

Would be 11 days x

Oh wow ok, mine is 14 days after the transfer day. They may tell you to keep testing past day 11 xx

That’s why I am Bit concerned why they told me to test then x

I think it depends on the clinic. I reckon they will ask you to test past this date though xx

Wonder why it’s so different with everyone? 14 days past 5day transfer seems like a long time, the conflict and confusion is just awful😩

I’m waiting one more day past my OTD as I can’t bear having to repeat getting BFN. I’m feeling so down about it as I just know it’s going to be another failed round

Hey Birdwithnonname, is your OTD day 11 also?

I’m completely with you on feeling down, it’s soul destroying to see the BFN after everything we go through!

I have read another thread where a lady had a BFN on 11DP5DT and went on to have a BFP on D14P5DT. I’m tying to stay positive but I feel like this one has failed too 😔😔


It is soul destroying hon.

My OTD is day 15 but mine was only a 2day transfer. Do you think you should add on extra days if it is only 3dt or 2dt?? I

I think it’s longer the earlier you transfer, so if I’m 14 for instance yours would be 16 after transfer based on my clinic.

I feel that after the BFN this morning my soul is already destroyed. I read some cases in the hope that it will turn around but I’m feeling very negative right now.

Really hope we get BFPs


Me too xx stay strong

Wow!!! I’ve pretty much had the same symptoms as you and spotted a little on Sunday morning and today as well - brownish type - my boobs are no longer as sensitive as they were and I had a sore throat last week which has now developed into a cough and sniffles ( at night it’s pretty much s cold ) my test day is on Sunday so I’m just waiting for then to test . I’m being patient with this and just avoiding to test ... I hope that it’s just that your hcg levels are still low and that it will turn around .. do wait till your test date and try again ... fingers crossed !!! 😊

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Hi Steph254, Thank you, I haven’t experienced any type of spotting at all., which makes me think that implantation didn’t even take place.

You’re very good being patient. I think I wish I had been because before I got a BFN at least there was a hope in my mind.

Thank you, I’m also praying that it’s because the HCG is too low but with first response I think it’s meant to pick up even small amounts, therefore I’m shadowed with doubt also.

It’s so difficult to not go crazy isn’t it.

Wishing you the best of luck for Sunday!! Hope there are miracles all round xx

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I’m due to test Tuesday and not trusting myself with a test so will buy it on Monday afternoon. Knowing my luck it will be another fail!!! X

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Keeping fingers crossed for you. Xx

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You 2 x

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