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Feeling meh! Don't think sherbets stuck :-(

Still have like 3 days and 19 hours to go till OTD.

I've had bad pre period cramps last night and there worst this morning :-(

Getting worst as day goes on! And I've had light cramps on and off since ET,

So I checked the calendar to double check what cycle day I'm on and I'm cd27 my periods normally show up between day 28-33, day 33 is day after OTD, and my symptoms are defiantly what I always get before, I've had really sore boons also for a week which again is all normally pre period symptoms for me.

Feel like testing so I can it out the way but then I can't bring myself to it, and I don't think I'll get to test day with out period showing up!

Totally gutted, this is such a cruel game really is,

I knew shouldn't of put myself through it again!

Wishing everyone lots of luck on there journeys 🍀🍀


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Stay strong and positive leesalou.... you might be totally surprised, we'll be thinking of you


Thanks for taking your time to reply,

I don't think I will but you never know


Gosh I know how you feel I would like to say stay positive but that's harder than saying prepare for the worst and when you get a positive you will be over the moon.

Think that's how I will take my last attempt number 7. It worked once so why not again I guess....

Good luck x


Thanks for taking the time to reply,

I'm just preparing for the worst as I know that's what's coming,

Wow 7th attempt your one strong lady,

Not sure I want to put my self through this again, x


Hey Hun

Nor am I we had got lucky even got past the 12 weeks and 16 weeks baby was wonderful then tradgey hit and we ended up losing him at 17.5 weeks.

We have since had 2 failed FET going for 1 final new round round as hope and fear and everything rolled into one is urging me to do this. Some days am stronger than others but who knows.

I wish you well and try stay positive xx


So sorry for your loss, your amazing strong women wishing you all the luck in the world for your next cycle when do you start? You truest deserve it xx


Well it's Going to be a rollacoaster of events but will be starting Nov, along with getting married in Vegas 💁🏽

That's the plan so far.... if it doesn't work then I will venture into a new year with a new plan and accept that I am a mummy to a very special angel 😇


Wow married in Vegas sounds amazing, is it a big wedding or few family.

November soon come around this years gone so quick.

This cycle of ivf (icsi) did too when you look back but Tuesday seems a million miles away lol,

Love your positivity wish you lots of luck with your next cycle and wish you all the best with your wedding 👰 🎩 🍀🍀 xx


Gosh I know but losing my boy feels like yesterday. We have put the wedding off so many times because of this stupid journey and realised that we forgot about us so made the decision before we throw more money at it we are almost maybe nearing 27k which we are far from rich we should remember us and get married finally.

Yes I know gosh Nov is coming quick and fast pity the 2ww isn't as quick.

Just me and partner going for it saves all the drama we would get here with family 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Trust me Hun if you do decide to go again you will find the strength believe me I am far from positive at the best of times, then I think God can't keep punishing me I hope 🙏🏼

Here if you need a chat x


I can only imagine it does, it's such a horrid journey as it is let unknown losing you baby boy,

He will be watching over you and bringing you lots of luck.

It's highly expensive we spent £7,000 on first go plus another £6,000 for private operation due to wrong postcode wrong age NHS, I've moved back home and was allowed NHS all though they took one cycle off me for going private.

That's the thing why I gave up for as long as I did before my marriage was failing as I was constantly depressed and uphappy of getting no where, then move back home and were in a much happier place, he commutes and stays with his parents if his had too longer a day as it's 2 hour trip there and then 2 back. That's without driving at his works so I have a lonely week most weeks well spend it with my dog Ollie.

We decided to rent our house out to help pay toward ivf if needed.

Soon be dreaded xmas :-(

That be nice just the two of you.

Mine was big but if I choose to do again I'd go abroad lol,

If it's unsuccessful I'm sure I will as it's what I really want, and I've got to use my funding within a certain amount of time and I have Frosties,

What I constantly ask what have I done so wrong to be punished so much,

Say there's people out there that have kids for benefits and houses.

A couple in Kent have just be charged with murdering there baby boy and she falls pregnant with twins after his death and already has 6 children!

Just begs to believe me when me you and all the other lovely ladies on here just want one shot to be a mum with unfolds amount of love but for some reason I don't know why we are being made to go through a shit journey before we hopefully get there one day ,

Thanks and same here to you xx

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Have you not read my post from yesterday? "On Knicker Watch"? If you haven't then please read it, I think it could give you some hope. Then read my post today... xx


Thanks for your reply, that's what's giving me the tiniest bit of hope,

It's just after around 10 years of trying and never getting anywhere just feels like it's the same crap I get every month,

Congratulations to you again xx

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Oh Im so sorry! Perhaps as Tugsgirl said its just cramps like she had?! I unfortunately had cramps in both my cycles and I "just knew" too. Is totally crap to be sitting in limbo without confirmation. I guess if you think it would help to do a test then do one tomorrow, so long as you do one on your proper OTD. Big hugs!xx


Thanks for your reply,

Last time I didn't have anything until morning and it was really strong cramps then there,

It is sitting in limbo that's driving me mad, say if it's coming wish it would just come rather than play games,

I think I'll just wait till Tuesdays as that's the OTD, I'm sure I'll wake to my period in the morning just feel it if I think the worst then I can't get my hopes up, xx


As they say, you're still in the game! It's not over until you've had your results. Hang on in there, don't give up yet 😘 xx


Thanks for your reply. I'm trying not to but not sure I'm going to last till Tuesday,



Sore boobs seems to be a common side effect from the progesterone pessaries. Just saying.


Thanks for your reply,

I normally get really sore and tender boobs week before my period,

I've had it for longer though so that part could be the progesterone pessaries x


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