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Feeling rubbish

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Probably sounds stupid but I’m feeling pretty hacked off with myself. Went for consultation back in Feb and we’re about to start our natural frozen blasto cycle. Had scratch last Thursday, booked for scan this week and transfer next. When I went back in Feb our consultant said about folic acid and to start taking it then which I did. Just realised I’ve totally forgot to take it for about 3 weeks 🙈 how I don’t know. Stressed probably! All that’s going through my mind is if it doesn’t work it’s because I fell off the folic acid wagon. Sounds stupid I know! With my first NHS cycle a few years ago I was regimented with it (probably because I didn’t have a toddler at my feet all day!) Just feeling hacked off with myself. So close to transfer, how could I forget it?!!!

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Please don’t be so hard on yourself! Besides, it shouldn’t affect your chances of success- it’s more to reduce nerve problems with the baby but if you start taking it now, it will still help. Lots of people who don’t go through IVF don’t even start taking it until they find out they are pregnant and they have no problems with baby. Try not to worry. Xxxx

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Aaa thanks hun! That’s made me feel loads better. I just feel stupid being so close. We knew it was going to be August when we saw our consultant back in Feb and now we’re so close I’ve stopped bloody taking it! Could kick myself. Good luck with your journey 😁 xxx

Ah it's so easy to forget. Don't kick yourself. The fact that you had taken for 2 months prior should not go into waste. And like Zoe have said above, it doesn't affect your chances to conceive. Just set a reminder to take them every day (I have to do that otherwise I forget too). Don't stress about this, it's a small tiny issue in the grand scheme of things x

Don't worry at all. As long as you have started from the point of transfer it should be fine xx

As the above comments say you really don’t need to stress about this it won’t affect your chances of conception. Folic acid is to protect against neural tube defects. I’m a midwife and the majority of women don’t take folic acid until after conception or at their first appointment when I tell them to at 8 or so weeks! If you start taking it now you’ll have plenty in your system for when your developing bean needs it! So take a deep breath, take your folic acid but please don’t worry. Huge amounts of luck for your transfer xxxx

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