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Fertility clinics in Europe


Hello everyone!

I have received a letter today from my fertility clinic booking my next appointment (assessment with nurse). I so so looking forward for this letter.

I was heartbroken to see that the appointment was booked for de end of April 2019! 😢

I’ve been referred back in October 2017, and this waiting has been really hard, as I am sure all of you know.

I am fed up, and most likely too impatient to wait maybe another year for my one and only NSH cicle. I have been strong and able not to cry over infertility for such a long time, but this today really got me 😢

Ladies that had IVF in Europe, if you were happy with your clinic and your treatment could you please message me privately with the details of the clinic you have attended?

Also, does anyone has good tips on how to research a good clinic online?

Did your clinic offer any further testing not available on the NSH that you would recommend?

I am hopping I can get good recommendations as I always get in this forum 😊

Sending my love to all of you xx

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