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Sore breast during 2WW


This is the 7th day after the blastocyst transfer. I have been having sore breast since yesterday.

I start to feel more hopeful that I might just make it in this round, but I also know that the progesterone I have been putting into my body could cause the breast sore.

I feel I may be building up false hope and I will eventually get more disappointed if it fails.

I am in office today and cannot focus on my work because of the sore. The annoying thing is that tomorrow, I will be doing some contract work, which is paid by piecework and has strict controls. I really need to focus, otherwise I may never get he contract again.

It’s driving me mad as when I have some symptoms, I start to worry.

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Hi Jenny, I think it’s a good sign. Progesterone has never given me sore boobs! I’ve only had sore boobs off and on when it’s been a bfp. If you had a 5 day transfer you could put yourself out of your misery and grab a first response early detector for first thing. Good luck x

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Oh, thanks. It’s so nice to hear.

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