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Scan 4 months after MC


I finally had my ultrasound scan as I’ve been having pains on and off since my Miscarriage. She said my uterus looked clear and the lining looked healthy. She checked my ovaries, and said they looked fine. It’s was on day 10 of my cycle, and she said there was “a few follicles” there. I’m worried now because she said a few, I’ve looked it up and a low number could mean a low ovarian reserve. I’ve not had any tests for that yet, but I’m going mad with worry. I think I’ve developed health anxiety since my mc and I’m thinking I’ve got everything wrong with me. Does anyone have any advice? I feel every month it’s a new worry for me.

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Hey hope u well. That not sound great u still having pains like that. Good u had it checked out and good said looked fine. Hopefully they would’ve said any risks or concerns if were maybe and hopefully? A tricky one for sure and no certain advice sorry. Understandable though to have anxiety like this due to what been through. Def am the same with odd twinges here and there since my miscarriage. Know when try again too will be be analysing everything am sure. Def understandable though Best wishes can only keep an eye on things a x


good news regarding your lining. Regarding the follicles comment- I imagine they were actually trying to be reassuring to say that it looked like the ovaries were working. Normally these scans aren’t done specifically to count follicle numbers so they probably thought they were being helpful by saying that there were a few follicles present but didnt count in detail. So it was “a few” rather than “few” . That’s how I would read it..

I think this sounds promising hun nothing to worry about. Like Zoe said "a few " as it's, day 10 of your cycle normal to have some showing close to mid cycle. A couple, years back when I was having unbearable mid cycle pain I had a scan on the day the pain was happening and she said are you around ovulation I said yes she said today you've ovulated I can see it in your tubes. That's how I found out my pain was from ovulation. I definitely think she meant she could see what she expects to see if she didn't expect to see something you'd have known. Don't worry hun. It really is natural to be feeling so anxious after what you've been through my love, don't beat yourself up about it your still searching for answers as to why which is totally normal. The anxiety of trying gets to you too and the anxiety will be immense when you fall on again, just try to take one day at a time lovely. Sending you big hugs and love 😘💞

Thank you, it’s so good to be able to come here and let it all out, even if I’m being silly. We started ttc after my first period, so I think I’m worrying about getting pregnant. I’ve tried to give myself a time limit on fertility worrying, and then move on to something else, like a bit of online shopping :) or watching a film or something. I’m worrying so much about being childless, which I know is pointless. I’ve been going to counselling to try and help me. Me and my fiancé have talked about adopting, but he doesn’t want to go down that route. It would help me to have a back up plan to parenthood, but he’s not willing to consider it. It plays on my mind every day, it’s so pointless, I hope I can get a bit better and not so anxious. I’m moving through the grief and trying to embrace my life without a child, it’s just such a hard journey. Thank you so much for your reply, it’s given me some reassurance x

I completely understand we're your coming from lovely. Plans really do help us stay sane and when the other half isn't feeling the same it is so much harder on us. Your doing all the right things hun counselling these scans etc have you had any recent upto date tests? Hormones etc. Hun you've fallen on before there's no reason you shouldn't again, but I know where your coming from if you fall on will you loose, again and the heartache it all brings is too much. Just sit back and try to enjoy life at the moment like you said think of fertility so much through the week set a, few hours aside if you can where you research book appointments for tests if need be etc then leave it where it is till the next week. Slowly but surely you'll get there and hopefully you'll fall pregnant again soon hun. I know it's hard but try not let it consume you because that's where it really takes over and it gets in the way of the good things that are already in your life. Sending you so much love hun 😘💝

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