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Why 2ww has to be so meanie... always!


The FET with twin-embies went all fine and I can finally hope for a BFP!

I gather that knowing much also do not work to put us at ease when we ourselves are going through the 2ww edgy - antsy-fidgety time. It's not my first FET or for the fact the first IVF either but I guess it being the first twin transfer am just a bit more sharp-eyed and can barely fight the trepidation. I know it really means nothing if there are no symptoms and lot of women do have successful pregnancies without a twitch but is it the same for even twin-implantation?

I usually get some cramps, mild though or can say got it when I happened to have conceived and once just a speck of blood on wiping as well (sorry for the TMI). However, this time in spite of the twin transfer there's not as much as a twitch by now and I'm on 8DP5DT already. Am I supposed to have double the things with a twin transfer? The HCG rise is certainly faster in there's twin conception.... that much I know,... but what about other things.

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I have no idea as not had a twin transfer yet (starting my FET meds on 31st), but just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼 xxxx 💕


Hi Becca

My twin transfer was the most symptom free of all of my transfers. During the 2ww I was convinced it would be a BFN when I started bleeding at day 7 post transfer I was doubly sure it was BFN. Bleeding stopped after 2 days however due to the many previous disappointment's I couldn't even face going to the hospital for the tests and did my own test. I had a very faint line at 2 weeks post transfer and no symptoms of pregnancy.

I finally got bloods taken at 3 weeks post transfer and had a confirmed pregnancy. Hospital said my HCG levels were high but didn't tell me this could be due to it being twins. Started bleeding again at 4 weeks post transfer and got a scan which confirmed twin pregnancy was fine and both babies had heartbeats.

Pregnancy nausea didn't start until 9 week pregnant and breast tenderness a few week later. My babies were born at 32 weeks.

So to answer your question I don't think there is any difference for a single or twin transfer. On some of my single transfers I was so sure that I was pregnant due to symptoms and then BFN.

Good luck I hope all goes well for you x

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Thanks a lot for the wishes! Your reply is very reassuring ... I guess I can beat-off some of the trepidation and stop being dreaded by the thought of odds now.

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