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Hi ladies

I started my gonal-F injections on Friday, which was day 3 of my period. My period is usually 5-7 days and when the nurse did my scan on Friday morning she did say that there was still some pockets of blood to come out but that it would be fine to start injections. Since starting the injections. I’ve only had a very very small amount of dark brown blood (sorry, tmi!). Has anyone else experienced their period stopping when you start the gonal-f injections?

Thanks all! Xxx

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Can’t advise as I didn’t take Gonal F but I hope that someone can advise you xx

in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. I have to go in for a check up blood test tomorrow anyway so I’ll ask the nurse then. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. Thank you again for your kind message xx

Hello Dear, I think same happening to me I guess. My periods last for 5 days. First four days are good and on fifth day almost go to very minimal flow. But yeah started Gonal F on day 3 and day 4 was total minimal flow and day 5 today absolutely nothing at all. I will talk with nurse about it on my first scan on day 9.

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