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Hello ladies ☺️


Hello ladies 😊 I would like to introduce myself. My name is Magdalena and I'm on protocol 1. I always follow your posts here but never been brave enough to write anything 😉 you are such a great help and source of knowledge.

We've got blood tests next week (hepatitis/hiv) and appointment on the 6th August to start the treatment. Could you please tell me what is going to happen on that day. The nurse told us everything but is so many informations so I got really confused and don't know what to expect 😣

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Hi Magdalena! 6th of August will come round really quickly! I'm not sure what Protocol 1 is (different clinics use different names and numbers for their protocols), so not entirely sure what your first appointment will be for. My first few appointments after tests etc was to go through the protocol again and ask any questions, sign the consent forms (if you haven't done this already), and injection training. You will start the injections or tablets (whatever is the first step according to your protocol) on a particular day of your cycle and some clinics will give you an appointment on the day your first injection is due, so that they can provide your injection training and assist you with that first one. It might be to collect your drugs too, unless you are getting them delivered. Sorry just covered all the possibilities, hope that helps! If you want to know for definite, best to give your clinic a call. Good luck! xx

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Hi Sarah, it definitely helps thank you ☺️ yeah I am expecting injection training as all paperwork is done.

I'm in Glasgow by the way.

Good luck 🍀🤞

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