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Help Rentokil needed during frozen emb cycle!!


I need some advice 😕 I’ve got to call in pest control for a bird mite infestation (pigeon nesting in house)

I’m due to have a frozen embryo transferred next week. Don’t know what to do, the mites are unbearable- biting all over. And I’m not sleeping as they are biting in the night. Really worried about any effects of using whatever is needed to rid the house of the mites, probably some kind of smoke bomb? I’m guessing this is not good to be around during 2ww or pregnancy either if successful . So stressed, there is always something!

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What a nuisance!! Can you stay round a relatives house while it’s being treated? Little embryo is v delicate and you don’t want any harsh chemicals to hurt it xxx


Yes if possible to get out of the house or postpone - I didn't even use any harsh cleaning products during that time.....

If it didn't work you would always blame that....


Managed to get it done yesterday- effects of the chemicals don’t last for more than a couple of hours, not had frozen transfer yet luckily- couldn’t bear the bites, I’m literally covered from head to toe :( x

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