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Advice - some cyclogest fell out


Hello I had a blastocyst transferred on Monday and am taking cyclogest twice a day. I know this is crucial and the little embie can't survive without it. My question is whether there are any problems if you take too much? I think that half of the dose that I took this morning fell out, so I'd like to take another half to make up for it. As I understand it, the process relies on this progesterone so if you don't take it, it won't work. I don't know of any problems if you take too much?

Perhaps someone on here has had a similar situation of forgetting whether they took it or some falling out like me. My instinct says I should say more.

I contacted my clinic but as it is Sunday they won't reply until tomorrow and I think I need to decide today.

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I have the same problem I feel like I insert in and then in half an hour it’s all in my knickers is that normal? Sorry I don’t have answers I hope some other ladies do?? X

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I think that if you do it vaginally that is normal. There is less mess the other way.

Ive just started taking cyclogest and ive read that after inserting perhaps ly down for 20 minutes. Also, the bit that comes out is the outer shell which they say is vegatable fat and body absorbs what it needs to xx


Hi forMoira. Try not to worry about the pessaries. Once inserted the progesterone that your body needs is absorbed within 20-30 minutes, so any leakage or fall out is nothing to be bothered about. You’re fine! Diane

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