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We were unbelievable lucky to get a bfp on Wednesday. I have had successful implantation once before which unfortunately resulted in a missed miscarriage. Last night I was incredibly sick during the night and have continued have an upset stomach all morning. My lower back is also incredibly achy. Just looking for some reassurance. I am hoping I have just picked up a tummy bug. Any advice?


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Hi Blueberry16. Oh dear! Not what you want when you are really very happy. Sounds a bit suspicious of some sort of a tummy bug, too soon for morning sickness. Just keep sipping at some water or lemon/mint tea until it settles. You could try nibbling a cream cracker too if you feel like something. Keep off milk and any oily stuff for now. Your little one will be quite happy, tucked away, so let's hope you soon feel better. obviously, should it worsen, then speak to your GP. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you for your kind reply. my stomach seems to have settled now there is nothing in it but my back ache is so so sore and is running down my legs. I am hoping its achy bones associated with a bug? Any ideas?x

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Hi Blueberry16. Backache with pain running down both legs is sometimes associated with sciatica. if it hasn't resolved soon, best to see your GP who will check you over. I doubt it's anything to do with your tummy upset. Hope it soon settles. Diane

Thank you. Have a lovely holiday.x

I know Diane will say it’s too soon, but my pregnancy nausea started four days after my bfp (13 days post five day fet) so I was exactly five weeks pregnant when it started. I didn’t actually vomit until week six but the nausea began then and has been pretty constant for the three months since then. So I would say it might be pregnancy related.

Sorry you’re feeling unwell, I hope you’re feeling a little better now. Congratulations on your bfp xx

Hey there. I hope you're doing good now. I'm very sorry to know about your previous miscarriage. But yeah there is still hope. Chances are you've had a successful implantation again. The only way to be sure is to take a test. You'll find out soon enough. Good luck!

Congratulations 😊 I had some waves of nausea quite early on too, although not all day. Hope it settles for you soon xx

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