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Every cloud...... x


I was getting ready for work this morning & having one of those days where I was really really struggling with the thought of having to go to work & be around my boss & her ever present bump, day in day out - it’s killing me!! Then a friend of hers decided to bring in her newborn to show her! Needed that like a hole in the head today!

However, i have just come home to a parcel from a lovely lady whom I met on here & who sent me such a lovely note that for the first time today I didn’t feel bitter or angry or jealous or struggling to even function. It made me smile so much & for that - and the items - I am so grateful! 😊

For all of us on here who are going through a hell that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, making friends like this is definitely a silver lining!


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I have two heavily pregnant colleagues and I’m not sure who is looking forward to their maternity leave more, them or me 😂 Xx

Oh god tell me about it!!!!! Xx


Such lovely kind people out there :) hope you feel better x

What a lovely post 😊💕 xx


Glad it cheered you up honey we all need each other so badly going through this nightmare, we are stronger together xxxx

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We definitely are! And friends like you really do help ❤️ Xx

I completely understand what you mean. in my work there are at least 3 pregnant women every year and i always wish to be one of them for the past 4 years when they go on maternity leave is a big relieve for me..

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