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4 follicles with low AMH


I had my first scan yesterday on day 5 (day 4 of stimms) and they located 2 follies on each ovary measuring between 7.6mm and 9mm. Whilst the sizes sound good I can’t help worrying about numbers and whether we’ll make it to ET. I’ve very low AMH of 1.1 and my last antral follicle count was 5 so I had no expectations of getting more than 5 follicles growing during my IVF cycle especially as I’m on a mild stimulation protocol (mini IVF) but it just scares me that we won’t necessarily retrieve 4 eggs at EC and then there’s the hurdles of fertilisation and embryo development to get through...the reality has kicked in. I’m trying to stay positive and I’ve been taking supplements to improve egg quality for a few months so I’m hoping that despite my age (41), the eggs will be good enough to make it and we get to transfer. I’ve read loads of people having success with low numbers so I’m hoping and praying I’m one of them too.

Also sonographer said my lining is quite thick at this stage as it’s 9.3mm and asked if my period was ok. My periods have become lighter since end of last year and even more so after I had a mc (Managed via ERPC) in Feb so I wonder if I’m not shedding enough of my lining, if anything I thought my lining might be too thin. If it continues to thicken, is this anything to worry about, i.e. is there a point at which it’s too thick for ET?

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As far as I know, the thicker the better for ET- I’ve never heard of anyone being told it’s too thick.

I know it’s impossible not to worry but reading your post it sounds like you have done everything you can. You have to leave it to the medical professionals now. Fingers crossed this is your time xx

Thanks for the reply Lizzie. I have the added complication of cycling abroad which adds to the worry as you don’t have as much support as you would here and have to take charge to an extent. As a bit of a control freak it’s hard sometimes to accept that there’s things such as this that are beyond our control and I just have to have faith in the process and my body xx

I know that feeling well! Good luck hon x

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