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Poor Communication Driving Me Crazy


Anyone ever find that the communication with their clinics is particularly bad? Conflicting information from different doctors and nurses. Assuming you know something or understand medical information when you don't. Never answering the phone on any of their phone lines. Putting you on hold for 45 minutes or more every time you ring? Last minute instructions, payments or information given to you on voicemail. Constantly forgetting who you are and that you are not an NHS patient because you self funded for this cycle. Etc. etc.

I have a great respect for the NHS and medical professionals. I understand they are overworked and often under-resourced, but the blunders in communication for this cycle have been horrendous. They have caused extra waiting time, extra money needed to be paid on my part and a great deal of stress at a time when I'm already upset because...well..I dunno...I'm dealing with infertility?! The conflicting medical information that different people from the same clinic have given me has been unbelievable.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get it off my chest and there is no one I can talk to about this.

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Yeah it is frustrating. The receptionist at my clinic is a dragon and really frustrates me when you are just explaining what the nurse told you to be told it is wrong. Then the next time someone tells you something is. Is hard enough. Then you get a run of it that goes well x

I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Must be frustrating. I've never had the problem of this kind. Once only I was trying to call my nurse quite late, as was having spotting then brown discharge with clots and wanted to know what was going on immediately, but there was no reply. But our overseas clinic offers 24/7 support line, so I called there and got a good 'consultation'. I can hardly imagine the clinic's staff gives conflicting info. Sending you supportive hugs x

I’ve had such a frustrating day with them and went on a rant here as well! Im going to have to delay my cycle for at least another month as my drugs haven’t arrived due to someone not actually requesting for them.. I’ve had to call 4 times today and talked to 4 softener people who all took my number to call me back after they checked my file and it didn’t happen.. I ended up calling the courier company who said they hadn’t received my prescription so I called back and got the same run around... as if the process isn’t hard enough .. SIGH... we will get there eventually ..❤️

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