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2WW driving me insane!


I’m going out of my mind (quite literally!) I keep thinking I’ve ruined everything by doing or not doing certain things...getting cramps which are worrying me and counting down the seconds until test day-did anyone else feel like this and still get a BFP?! I know worrying doesn’t help ...it’s because I don’t think I’ll cope if it doesn’t work 🤞😢

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Yes I found the 2ww really hard the first time around. I learnt my lesson and made sure I had lots of plans for my second round. Can you go back to work... providing your job is not too stressful? Are there friends you could meet during the day?

The weekend is almost here, why don't you make plans with your partner?

I found writing in a journal helped me deal with any negative thoughts. I watched things that made me laugh and hung out with people who make me feel good. I got the lucky the second time around!

Good luck and hope it works out for you :)

Hey try to distract yourself with movies or activities etc. I know how you feel and really nothing can really make time go quicker but I caught up on boxsets and I am into gaming so bought myself a new game which helped me zone out for afew hours. I also had cramping and heavy period like feelings on and off during my 2ww and got a positive. Now around 7 weeks so still awhile to go. When it comes to test day I recommend first response tests as clear blue all malfunctioned on me and made me panic more. Good luck.

I’ve done three twws and it doesn’t get any easier. I’ll be doing a fourth next month. What you’re feeling is normal. I’ve had one bfn and two bfps but I was convinced none of them had worked! Try not to test until otd. I know it’s hard. Good luck xx

Thank you everyone, support on here is amazing x

I’m struggling with this tww too and I’m only on day 3!

I’ll usually do hiit exercise 5 times a week so I expected that not doing that would drive me mad the longest break I’ve had before is 9 days.

However atm I feel like I daren’t do anything other than walking the doggie. I have a stressful/adrenaline job so signed myself off Work until Monday.

It’s my first ivf cycle and we had two blastocyst transferred and have One frozen. I overstimulated (they didn’t expect me to?) had 45+ follicles and they went into 28 of these retrieving 20 eggs 17 of which were mature but only 8 fertilised and 4 made it to blastocyst.

I immediately felt down after Transfer as we were told 15% chance of it working and we expected it to be higher. Now I think every twinge is AF lol.

So far it’s unexplainable why it hasn’t happened naturally for so didn’t expect such low%

I’m 41 oh is 43 but all our stats have come back as they would expect for mid 30’s.

I’m so impatient at the best of times lol

When’s your test day?

S-Joys in reply to Lisatequila

I'm also on my 2ww. Did you ask your clinic of your chance of success at transfer stage? I had one blastocyst transferred but wasn't given a percentage. Starting to panic as no symptoms whatsoever.

Lisatequila in reply to S-Joys

Yes after the blastocysts had been transferred. They were graded c borderline b. The embryolist said hardly anyone gets a’s But that would’ve improved our chances to 20-25%. But I don’t know what they are basing this on - i mean does that include people who have known fertility issues and does us not having them mean we have more chance? Their own website stays shows as 17% success. per embryo transferred For our age group So I don’t know why ours isn’t 34%

I’m driving myself mad with crazy unanswered questions lol

I don’t know what are symptoms or side effects 🤪

How long of your tww have you got left S-joys?

S-Joys in reply to Lisatequila

It's so hard isn't it when you have a million questions. We had one 4bb transferred and two put on ice, which they said was a good stance to be in. I'm due to test a week tomorrow so I know it's still early days but heard other people get implantation cramps, sore boobs, tiredness by now but (while I shouldn't complain that I'm feeling fine) I only have bloatedness from the crinone gel. It's hard not to overthink it all.

Hope your 2ww goes quickly for you

Lisatequila in reply to S-Joys

Thanks you too. I’m not on the gel I’m on the pesseries 😏 so May all be the side effects of them!

Lisatequila in reply to S-Joys

Have you had any symptoms yet s-joys? Not long now (unless you’ve already done a sneaky test?)

My symptoms have subsided so now I think they were drug side effects ☹️

I’ve definately felt better for being at work this week .

🤞🏻Good news for you

I'm in my 2ww myself and I test on the 22nd this my 3rd IVF cycle and it doesn't get any easier... it's normal to be a wreck but I'm back at work and just counting down!'

S-Joys in reply to Honeypie36

Not long now for you, hope you get some wonderful news tomorrow x

Honeypie36 in reply to S-Joys

Yes tomorrow is the the big day FINALLY!! Hoping for good news!! 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 Thanks so much!!

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