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Struggling mentally with ongoing SCH bleed


Some might remember I started bleeding at 8w5d and was told I had a sub-chorionic hematoma (clot). That was last Tues 19/06. I’ve had 2 very heavy bleeds since then (soaking a pad in a matter of minutes), and in between it’s very stop/start ranging from pink, bright red, to dark red and very thick brown. I have been off sick this week, resting and generally trying to do all the right things hoping it heals or is absorbed. It sometimes stops for a day or 2 then starts again! I’ve had 3 scans and every time the baby has been fine, wriggling and (according to the doctor) even kicking! But it’s such a stress seeing the blood all the time, not knowing what to do for the best - sometimes just an hour round the shops can start it again. It’s constantly hanging over us that I could have a heavy gush at any time, or worse something awful happen to baby.

I am going mad!! Not really looking for any advice as such, guess I just needed to offload and maybe hear some positive outcomes - I am now 10w1d and have a horrible feeling this could be ongoing throughout my pregnancy. What did people do in those cases, how do you continue with normal life, still going to functions, doing stuff etc, instead of wrapping yourself in cotton wool?

Thanks everyone xx

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Hi lovely xx I know that feeling very well that - constantly seeing blood. I started bleeding around 5 weeks had three massive red bleeds and inbetween those was pink/brown and from my last big bleed at about 7 weeks I bled to around 12 weeks so a total of 7 weeks altogether.

It was awful and every time I went to the toilet was hoping to find no blood on my pad but did. 12 week scan clot was still there but bleeding had gone and by 20 week scan clot had been completely absorbed.

I have seen how common sch are since I’ve had one. They are really awful but please keep positive 🤞 99% of the stories I saw were all positive xx

Thinking of you xxx

WeeMrsH in reply to lianm8

Thanks Lianm8. It just feels like life is on hold - we did enough of that during our 4 rounds of IVF! Don’t get me wrong I am hanging on for dear life that for the moment baby is okay - and at the end of the day that’s more important than how I’m feeling. But being scared to go too far or do too much gets you down. Did you literally do very little for the 7 weeks that you bled, or did you still go about normal life just within boundaries? xx

lianm8 in reply to WeeMrsH

After each of my big bleeds I didn’t do anything for a day or so until the red blood stopped. I carried on as usual, no heavy lifting, sex etc but it was hard as I have a 15 month old so didn’t have the chance to rest probably as much as I should. If you are signed off I would just lay in bed and watch as much rubbish tv as possible! Xxx

I don't have any experience in this I'm afraid.. It must be such a scary time for you, I don't know how I would cope with it! You seem to be doing all the right things hun, hopefully it will just stop soon. It's good to hear the baby is a little wriggler and the hospital are looking after you!

I don't really have any encouraging words, but I just wanted send you my love and fingers crossed it settles down soon so you can start to enjoy being pregnant xx

WeeMrsH in reply to elle80

Thanks Michelle xx

I would stay of work and just rest. I had the same and bleed up to 23 weeks when I delivered. I was bed rest. This is important so don’t worry about anything but bubba xxxx good luck x

WeeMrsH in reply to Missy_22

I’m so sorry about your experience. That’s truly awful. So happy you’re trying again - lots of love for your BFP!

I’m not on bed rest; in fact it wasn’t the hospital doctor who even signed me off, I just went to my own GP. The hospital were relatively blasé about it - don’t get me wrong they cautioned that it can end in MC, but they just said pelvic rest (which we were already on anyway) no heavy lifting (which again I was already avoiding) and not to do too much. xx

I’ve no experience of this but just wanted to wish you well. Hope it stops and baby continues having lots of wriggles. X

WeeMrsH in reply to Mrsh123

Thanks for your reply MrsH ❤️

Thinking of you lovely, as if your journey hasn't been tough enough. I really wish I could offer personal experience but I know there are a few on here that have had to deal with this and been OK. Mentally I can imagine is ultimate torture your a strong lady lovely just keep doing what your doing and I hope and pray this stops soon and you can try to enjoy being pregnant. Sending you so much love and posotivity hun. Wgens your next scan? 😘💝

Thanks for your reply lovely 💖

Next scan is my dating scan 11/07 so a while to wait. It’s just so unfair, you’d think 4 IVFs and 3MCs would be our fill! xx

Huge test for you isn't it that you really don't deserve I really hope you get some relief soon so that you can start to relax even if it's just a little


Urrghhh cant offer any advice obviously, you must be so worried and fed up! Thinking about you!xx

WeeMrsH in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks chick - hope you’re doing okay 💕

Cinderella5 in reply to WeeMrsH

Im ok ta! Start my drugs tomorrow. My mum has got her pre-op tests this weekend and seeing the surgeon on Thursday so its all moving very quickly which Im grateful for!xx

WeeMrsH in reply to Cinderella5

That is good news - on both counts! Hope you can relax this weekend before Mum’s op xx

Just also sending my love can imagine how scary it all is for you hoping some of the positive replies have helped x

WeeMrsH in reply to Autumnmoon

Thank you! x

I don’t have any advice but what a stress this must be for you! Glad to hear baby is doing well and hopefully you can focus on that. I think after struggling with inferility, miscarriage and IVF it can be difficult for any woman to relax, feel positive and truly believe that it’s all going to work out and that’s without any complications! Will be keeping everything crossed for you. Try to rest as much as you can and take good care of yourself x

WeeMrsH in reply to Hopeful1982

Thanks missus! ❤️

Oh bless you. No advice but I really really hope it eases off soon xx

Thanks hon x

No advice but thinking of you. I really hope you can begin to enjoy your pregnancy soon xx

WeeMrsH in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks sweetie 💖

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