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First ultrasound results! 6.5 weeks today!


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As you all know I have posted scared because no strong symptoms and having had ivf I was terrified I would lose the baby and not have anything on screen for my ultrasound especially since last fall I had a blighted ovum that showed an empty sac.

Today I saw two sacs and both had a healthy baby measuring 6.5 weeks exactly and little strong hearts!! Thank you all for being so supportive just goes to show you never know even if you don’t get sick or feel achy boobs etc you could have even more than one thriving!!! Oxxox

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So amazing to see 2 sacs!!! Little cuties :) :)

Congratulations 💕💕


Congratulations - lovely news xx

This is wonderful news! Congratulations xx

Amazing!! Such a blessing. Congratulations. Can I ask how many cycles of ivf did you go through? My first cycle is next month x

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3 first was blighted ovum my eggs second donor eggs and failed third this one donor embryos oxxo

Wow. Many congratulations xx


Thanks everyone!!!

Wow that's amazing! They both look so clear and perfect, I didn't think you would see so much at 6 weeks. I hope you feel reassured and relax a bit now :)

I'm hoping to see the same on Thursday for my early scan at 7+2 I still have all the symptoms, but cramping and sometimes sharp pains :/ I just need to know everything is OK and the baby is in the right place.

Good luck on the rest of your journey I hope all goes well xx

Aww lovely news xx

Amazing! Fantastic xx

Lovely news!! X

Brilliant news! :)


Thank you everyone and I wish the best for all of you too this is a very hard journey we have all been going on

Lovely news, congratulations! x


Wow, congratulations 🎉

Amazing. Congratulations. Xx

Congratulations 💗💗💗

I love posts like this. Congratulations! Your news has reassured me, l’m 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant after my third (and first successful!) embryo transfer and am waiting for my viability scan next week. It feels like it is taking forever. I’ve had backache for two days and just keep imaging the worst xx

Congratulations Hun xx

Congratulations 🎉🍾, that’s a blessing.

Congratulations!! That’s wonderful news !!! The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them 💖

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